Interior Design April 8, 2020

The best modern designers you need to know

Interior Design

The best modern designers you need to know

Some of these designers create objects, others like original rooms and some prefer playing with both ideas.

All of them are big names that you will at one stage or anothercome across in your decoration readings, but they can also inspire you in your interior design.

Our Top 10 designers

Ronan et Erwan Bouroullec (Born in 1971 and 1976)

This design team is one of the most representative of today’s French design.

We are inspired by: Their small and smooth cornices that have revolutionized classic wall shelves.

Matali Crasset (Born in 1965)

She was the first to imagine and design universe for children and teenagers by mixing both comfort and design.

We are inspired by: Her idea: that an object or a layout can have more than one function.

Tom Dixon (Born in 1959)

An English designer who is adored in France for his lamps and his controlled use of chromium and copper.

We are inspired by: His lights, lamps or suspensions that  look more like masterpieces.

Jacques Garcia

One of the most famous French designers. He understands the classic style perfectly and uses its many elements in his interior design decorations.

We are inspired by: His passion for history!

Ora Ito (Born in 1977)

The creations of this young and prolific French (though his name doesn’t sound French) designer are characterized by elegance and avant-gardism.

We are inspired by: His pinch of futurism that doesn’t spoil the harmony of decoration.

India Madhavi (Born in 1962)

Worldwide-known interior designer, she designed rooms that are iconic today.

We are inspired by: Her Bishop stool (we can find a similar model but at a lower price).

Paola Navone (Born in 1950)

This is an Italian that has a passion for traveling and combines different cultures in her interior designs which are always soft and harmonious.

We are inspired by: Her perfect skills of using white to transform it into a warm color, by mixing it with other touches of color.

Andrée Putmann (1925-2013)

This interior designer has been referred to as a design queen. Her work has had a major influence on international design.

We are inspired by: Her boldness and nonconformism, because her personality is highly reflected in her design.

Karim Rashid (Born in 1960)

Egyptian of the World, he colors his creations in his proper powered-up pop style. We are inspired by: His crazy passion for shapesand the colors.

Philippe Starck (Born in 1949)

Global Jack-of-all-trades, he fought for the democratisation of design in his creations and layouts. We are inspired by: His motto: “Yes, decoration is a child’s play, so have fun!”

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