Minimalist Style

‘Less is more’ is certainly the mantra to live by whenever one considers a minimalist decor approach to home design. Minimalist home decor entails a careful process of choosing spaces and decoration pieces that matter to you most. Putting together the perfect blend of style and features is key to creating your minimalist space.

Need minimalist decor ideas?

The concepts pertaining to minimalist decor ideas come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. One should never feel compelled to replicate an existing space. Nevertheless, you can always recreate something that has already been done while adding a new creative perspective to the design. The beauty and technique lie in developing your own minimalist decorating style and being bold with the creative process.

Room designs can vary in your minimalistic decor home designs, and do not feel required to finish each room of the creative space in the first attempt. In fact, different unique room designs are celebrated and admired as pieces of art reflecting your individual flavor, personality, and taste. Start with mapping out the ideas for one minimalist space.

For example, a bedroom or a minimalist living room. Consider the roles of existing items such as coffee tables and furniture in these spaces.

Contemplate the additions of other pieces that may include coffee and side tables with sleek slender lines and the impact they would have on the feel of the space. Furthermore, put into perspective how these items can be organized and utilized as to not disrupt existing functionality and home comfort.

The addition of nesting tables, natural light, floor lamps, and white space are outstanding features of decor especially for bedroom ideas and can be utilized in working from home requirements making them both stylish and practical. Nesting tables are an interesting alternative to side tables and are creative additions to any living room.

Lighting plays a key role in any space and should be evaluated in minimalist home decor ideas and final designs. In terms of enhancing space and energy maximizing natural light is always the proper minimalist decor idea, as it can save space on artificial light requirements as well as provide feelings of warmth, fluctuate changing tones and shadows as the day progresses.

A floor lamp can provide interest and highlight to a particular area in the room that requires an injection of light. Floor lamps have the capacity to create captivating shadows and patterns on a wall or ceiling inducing a sense of depth and calming of the senses. In addition, a floor lamp can also accentuate a loved piece of decoration in a darkened area as well as provide much needed light for your dedicated reading spot or relaxing zone with mood lighting colors to enhance the desired experience.

Looking for a good place to start for your minimalist home decor?

A minimalist home decor design has never been easier to accomplish due to the wide range of digital tools readily available online. A person does not have to be a graduate of a prestigious design school to utilize, create, and bring to reality minimalist home decor concepts. A 3D home planner offered by HomeByMe is one of the best tools for mapping out the home design and decor for any minimalist design project.

HomeByMe is a free and easy to use program that enables one to build and design a mock house plan in 3D. Additionally, the program distinguishes the process into 3 distinct phases which include design, furnish and decorate. Try it now by clicking here and let us know what you think here.

What is your minimalist decorating style?

Interior design as part of your minimalist decor does not have to be all plain color and plain lines for it to be considered minimalist. Bold flamboyant patterns in the right space can be utilized to create depth, texture, and interest in any space. Consider feature walls and textured fabrics as avenues to provide added flare.

A minimalist home does not require white spaces or a re-design with neutral color palettes, however clutter-free arrangements of furniture should be front and center when designing spaces for that unique minimalist home decor. A minimalist decorating style done well should blend functionality and style.

An interior done well will radiate positive feelings of space and warmth. In addition, the perfect interior makes use of cherished possessions and imaginative colors to stimulate welcoming feelings to those that enter the space. All while maintaining the creator’s individual stylish taste and touch so that he or she can be proud to call this space his or her own.

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