3D Design Guide

Definitions, step-by-step instructions of the HomeByMe planner, tips and ideas: browse this guide to become a 3D interior design pro!

Floor plan

True basis of a 3D project, it will allow you to easily design your home and visualize it in 3D. In this section, you will learn everything about floor plan – from drawing the first line of your 2D floor plan to decorate and furnish it on a 3D view – so that your project becomes a reality!

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a man and a woman looking at a computer with a 3D HomeByMe project on the screen

How to use floor plan online software?

Are you in the planning phase of your home remodeling project? Learn how to create your own floor plan using 3D software.

How to Create a Floor Plan Design with Cutting-Edge 3D Technology

3D technology has transformed floor plan design by enhancing every aspect of the process. See how easy it is to implement and how much it can elevate your work as a creative professional.

How to Design Modular Home Floor Plans in 3D?

Discover how easily you can maximize creativity and efficiency with 3D software for modular home floor plans and other home designs.

How to draw your own 2D Floor Plan?

Ready to start designing your new home? Discover our top tips for drawing great 2D floor plans with HomeByMe.

How to draw 3D floor plans?

Home remodeling is not only for experts. Actually, it can be really easy! Learn more about drawing 3D floor plans here.

How to create 2D Floor Plan online?

Use a simple floor plan to map out your dream home design. Find out how to draw your own 2D floor plan with HomeByMe.

How to Create a Floor Plan?

Are you designing a new home or planning a remodel? Find out how to create a floor plan to get your project off to a good start.

How to decorate your 3D floor plan?

After the technical part comes the fun part! Learn how to decorate your 3D floor plan on a 3D modeling solution!

How to Create and Furnish your 3D Floor Plan?

From the foundation to the decorative details, a quick overview of what you need to know to make your project a success.

How to Get Floor Plans of My House?

Find out how to reproduce the plans of your home to start your remodeling or décor project!

What is a floor plan? Everything to know about floor planning!

Basics are everything. Here is a recap of definitions and things to know to don’t get lost in the wild 3D modeling Interior design world.

House Plans: How to Make the Best Floor Plans

Master the art of making floor plans to create the most beautiful projects and shine in society.

How to Draw a Floor Plan?

Learn why it pays to have a floor plan and how you can create one all on your own for free.

Create a Farmhouse Floor Plans Easily Using 3D Tech

Discover how to devise a modern farmhouse design using impressive 3D imagery. With easy and intuitive features, powerful 3D floor planners can meet all of your professional and home design needs.

How to Create Open Concept Floor Plans Using Powerful 3D Tech?

Learn how to balance distinction and connection between each zone, and how to create an efficient layout for clients with an intuitive 3D floor planner.

Build 2 Story Floor Plans Quickly and Easily with the Help of 3D Software

Expedite the home planning process and have fun drafting realistic, 2 story floor plans with 3D technology. We dish out all the details you need to know to get started.

How to Use 3D Software to Make House Floor Plan Design Fun and Efficient?

See how 3D software is revolutionizing the Home Design industry by offering a fun and precise format for professionals and homeowners to be creative.

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House design online

You have decided to change the design of your home but don’t know where to start? It is therefore preferable to test your ideas in a virtual way before starting the serious things. These pages will help you get your own home design online!

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How to design your home in three steps using online software?

Is your home design project stressing you out? In three simple steps, become a pro on how to start designing your home using online software!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating 3D Home Design in Minutes

Dive into the world of 3D home design and unleash your creative potential with confidence and clarity in just a few simple steps.

How to optimize your home interior design? Check out our 8 tips !

Do you want to create a bright, spacious home? Here are simple tips to optimize your home renovation interior design!

How to create your home interior design project online?

If you have some decoration ideas in mind, but aren’t sure how to start, click on that page to learn how to master the home design online!

How to plan your home design online?

Some tips and examples that will help you not to freak out about planning a home design online.

How to create 3D home decor images in HD?

It’s time to brag! Learn to make easily the best rendering of your projects to showcase your ideas in HD or 4K.

How to create 360° images?

Always further into reality, you can create a 360° view of the interior you’ve created.

How to take a virtual tour of your 3D floor plan?

High quality images and 360° view are not enough to picture yourself? Take a virtual tour of the interior you have imagined.

How to design your Home in 3D with HomeByMe?

Go through the basics of what a 3D modeling solution can do for your design project.

How to draw a 3D house?

Not sure how to draw your property? We’ll show you how to do it – no special skills required!

How to Make Home Plans?

Getting ready to remodel or renovate? Find out why a planner the best way to make home plans for any projects.

How to Draw Small House Plans?

How to get strategic with your layout using free online floor planners that can help you actualize your wants and needs with precision.

How to Create Architectural Designs and House Plans in 3D?

Whether it’s building a portfolio or exhibiting potential designs to a major client, a 3D design planner can help you develop structural blueprints, form complex designs and present ideas vividly, with precision.

DIY furniture with MakeByMe

You want a unique piece of furniture in your home? Create it! Make a precise 3D model of the wooden furniture you want, and be sure to have the right dimensions for your interior. Discover our DIY tool MakeByMe, easy to use and with many design options!

Wooden table made with 3DByMe

DIY Plans to build a workbench with drawers

Check out the plans below and build your own workbench today!

How to design DIY coffee tables in 3D?

Can’ t find the perfect table for you in the stores? Create the DIY coffee tables of your dreams with our new DIY tool.

Learn to make DIY bookshelves with MakeByMe

Depending on the room, it is sometimes necessary to build a bookshelf with custom dimensions. Learn how to make one easily in 3D.

Prepare your wood projects the best way with an online software program

Many think you need to be a skilled carpenter to design and build your own wood projects. We show you how they are wrong here!

Learn to build DIY desks easily with a 3D tool

With so many of us working from home these days, DIY desks are not only practical but also essential. Make sure yours is unique!

How to use wood for DIY projects?

There are many different home decor designs and accessories that can be made through wood crafting, let’s discover the possibilities!

How hard is it to build your own DIY farmhouse table?

Though you may not have thought it at first, a DIY farmhouse table is particularly easy to build, especially when you’ve created it in 3D before.

How can you make DIY furniture with an online 3D solution?

Get to know how simple and seamless designing your own DIY furniture can be with our 3D modeling tool, MakeByMe.

How to build a DIY wooden bench?

Want to relax in your garden? Garden benches are among the simplest wooden pieces and also the most satisfying DIY project to do.

How to plan a DIY home remodel & renovation project ?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your DIY home remodeling project? Get on board smoothly with the basics!

How to use MakeByMe – our 3D modeling free tool

DIY is the future trend, MakeByMe is the ultimate 3D tool for your DIY furniture projects. Learn more about it!

How to build a DIY side table

Get to know how to master the art of a side table 3D conception.

How to build a rolling storage cart?

Looking for a small practical storage unit? Why not start making your own rolling storage cart?

How to build a rustic DIY bench?

Ideal for an hallway or a dining room, design your rustic bench for a stylish and personalized decor

DIY Plans to build a rotating bookshelf

Perfect for a home office, kids room, even a kitchen. Make a rotating bookshelf for a stylish and unique item for your home.