How to draw a 3D house?

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  • Create your perfect 3D House

  • Visualise your virtual home

  • Be sure your furniture is perfect before getting things real

Create detailed floor plans and lifelike 3D renderings for your next interior design project. Not sure how to draw a 3D house or design your property? We’ll show you how to do it – no special skills required!

HomeByMe has everything you need to draw a 3D house, from the initial framework to a fully furnished home. In this free software, you can move walls and windows around, relocate your staircase, take measurements, choose the type of furnishings you like, and drag and drop all the details into place.

With the click of a button, produce virtual illustrations of your ideas and concepts to generate tangible, realistic home designs to save and share with others.

Develop a 3D House Design in Minutes

As an iterative process, design can involve a lot of back-and-forth between builders and contractors. This can lead to delayed plans, interruptions, and errors.

HomeByMe helps you avoid all of that with a user-friendly platform that reduces many of those inevitable pitfalls that come with a remodel or renovation project. It provides all the tools to express your creative concepts with comprehensive 3D graphics that will display exactly what you want and need for your home, and how you can best achieve it.

There’s no need to wait for ideas or modifications from others. When inspiration strikes, create, change, and update your plans or test out new ideas in a matter of seconds, even on-the-go with the mobile app.

If you want to customize your home, you can literally begin building your 3D house design in a matter of minutes. There’s no better way to streamline your projects and include all the pertinent information you need to relay to contractors.


How to Use a 3D House Builder


1 Develop the Framework in 2D

Every project begins with a framework. This framework outlines all the fundamental features of your house in a 2D format – walls and rooms, and windows and doors.

To do this in the HomeByMe planner, draw in each wall or add and connect room shapes to assemble your outline. To preserve accuracy, edit the measurements as you go to make sure you’re developing a precise replica of your property.

Click and move any item around to adapt your concept as you like or to simply see how a certain modification will look.


2 View in 3D and Insert Furniture and Décor

With the framework of your home set, the next step is to pick and add the design features of your home, such as the type of flooring, paint colors, wallpaper, vanities, faucets, couches, curtains, and more. Anything you need to personalize your space with can be found in the HomeByMe catalog.

To view specific styles, like contemporary or traditional, simply click and filter your options based on your preference. Stuck between a few different concepts? Create multiple versions to try diverse designs in your 3D house and compare them. Or take a peek at our inspiration corner for more ideas suited to every area of the home.


3 Take a Walkthrough and Save Panoramic Images

Take a run-through to see how your home looks and feels from a realistic viewpoint by switching your mode to first-person. This lets you step into your virtual home to move around, evaluate, and admire your design from every angle. Save 360° panoramic images of it, zoom in and fully rotate while exploring your newly decorated home.


4 Share Your Final Layout in 2D and 3D

Share your designs and modifications in high-res in both 2D and 3D. Print them out to develop your mood board or present them to your builder to explain your vision and deliver specific directives to expedite your home projects.

Modify Every Feature in Your 3D Home

Every part of your current or future home can be modified and personalized with accuracy, based on your vision using HomeByMe. And being able to virtually build out and see your ideas means you won’t have to second guess.

Whether it’s updating a few kitchen features before selling your home, reconfiguring your basement setup, arranging the garden, or designing a new-build home, this tool lets you distinguish every part of 3D house.

Make Life Easier with a 3D House Builder

With HomeByMe, you can upload an existing floorplan if you have one ready to use and adjust the measurements to create a precise virtual replica of your space that’s to scale.

When you’re ready to furnish and decorate, explore brand-names or generic products, from Benjamin Moore paint to Crate&Barrel accessories. Once you’re pleased with your design, experience it virtually with a 360 ° view. Or snap photos to save and share. Limit problems and surprises for any home improvements with this simple and comprehensive 3D house builder.

Make house designs or remodeling effortless with impressive 3D visuals that let you plan exactly what you want to achieve before initiating a project. It’s the most effective way to limit interruptions and present your ideas in a clear, concise format so you can easily accomplish your design objectives.

HomeByMe is available for free online, so you can get started at any time, from anywhere. Our Inspiration page offers a range of stunning concepts created by professional designers that you can check out for more inspiration.


How to Draw a 3D House

Create detailed floor plans with our 3D solution and create the perfect lifelike 3D House!

  • Create your perfect 3D House

  • Visualise your virtual home

  • Be sure your furniture is perfect before getting things real

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