Contemporary decor ideas

Find inspiration from Contemporary images to start your project.
Contemporary design differs from modern decorating in its moving nature. Indeed, if the modern is anchored in an era, the contemporary reflects the present, and in fact, is constantly changing. Need contemporary decorating ideas? Browse the Inspiration page and discover the projects of our community!

The contemporary style is characterized by a certain simplicity, by its timelessness that makes it current. The neutral tones of the cream and white palette, combined with strong colors such as royal blue, mustard yellow or even wine lees will give character to your room. Furniture with original shapes, favoring curves and rounded corners will bring softness to your interior.

A refined design, a simple but original decoration and clear space delimitations will transform your room into a contemporary showroom. Choose large spaces, combining several functions: a kitchen open to the dining room and the living room, a master bedroom with a bathroom integrated, slightly separated by a glass roof for example. This will bring light into your home, enlarging the space.

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