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Create your client’s floor plan

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2D Floorplan HomeByMe

Draw your client’s 2D floor plan

Quickly sketch a detailed 2D floor plan for a client by drawing the individual outline of each room, to scale, in seconds. Alternatively, import a scanned floor plan (PDF or JPG) and convert it into a 3D project to bring your design to life.

Drawing Floor Plan HomeByMe

Visualize the floor plan in 3D

Get a realistic version of your design using the 3D viewing mode. Zoom in and rotate your viewing point to see your project from all angles and consider how you will furnish it.

A 3D floor plan

Access to advanced features

Customize your design using HomeByMe's advanced technology to add sloped walls, for an attic or top-floor apartment, or a mezzanine floor in a loft.

Export to DraftSight

Get professional DWG/DXF 2D drawings for design and construction use by exporting your 3D project to DraftSight as a 2D standard file floor plan.

Use Free shapes

Use Free Shapes to create personalized decorative objects and custom furniture for your clients.

Express your creativity

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HomeByMe planner view

Access an extensive product catalog

Discover a wide variety of stylish brand-name furniture in our catalog from renowned brands including Habitat, Maisons du Monde and Ligne Roset. Choose the furniture and decor that suits your client’s style.

Product HomeByMe

Express your style

Use generic furniture products from our catalog and customize their dimensions, color and texture to suit your space. Or use Free Shapes to create new items and add your own artistic flair to your interior design project.

A white sofa with a painting and the editing menu

Offer alternatives design

Easily duplicate your project to offer your client several design alternatives for the same project or room. Experiment with different color palettes

Generate engaging visual content

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Feature Pro HomeByMe

Get amazing renderings

Show off your work in the most stunning way. Studio Photo lets you create high-quality visuals in just a few clicks:
– 4K images, just as realistic as photos
– 3D/2D topviews from different angles
– 360° images

Immerse your client in their project

360° views provide a scan of the interior from a chosen point, enabling your client to understand your design as if they were actually standing in the room.

Share your work easily

Whether it’s to promote your talent or suggest ideas to your customers, the interior designer’s job requires you to send out media.
Share your projects, visuals or collections in one click on all social networks or by e-mail. And for more freedom, everything is downloadable!

Features Pro HomeByMe- Message interior designer

Furnish with a smartphone

The HomeByMe augmented reality application can help you to decorate your client’s home interior. Select furniture from our catalog and preview it in 3D, to scale, in your client’s home.

Create virtual tours (VR)

Let your client explore their new interior in virtual reality with HomeByMe and the barrier between the virtual and the real world will disappear. In this entirely immersive environment, your client can explore every corner of the project and even add furnishings from our catalog.

Shopping List

Once your floor plan design is complete, access the Shopping List to view product information including price and dimensions. Share your recommended products with your client or follow the link to place an order via the brand’s online store.

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