Tropical decor ideas

Find inspiration from tropical images to start your project.
If you dream of lush, colorful decor inspired by the Fiji Islands, Hawaii or even the Caribbean, tropical style is for you. If you're looking for tropical decorating ideas, our community's projects on the Inspiration page will help you imagine your own.

You can find tropical style essentials in the HomeByMe catalog to decorate your home the way you want. A bedroom, a living room, a kitchen or an office will perfectly match with this type of correction. The main thing is to keep a certain harmony by using the universal codes of this decoration. Rattan armchairs, combined with colorful patterned cushions will be the perfect combo to brighten up your living room. Touches of green, brought by plants, or by a botanical wallpaper will transform your room into a real lush jungle and will bring character and originality.

For a more daring look, decorate your ceiling with wood, using teak or mahogany that you can use for your furniture. For more color, think gold, blue or coral that will recall the lush colors of tropical environments. As for decorative objects, you can opt for parrot sculptures, bird cages or bamboo sculptures.

For even more tropical decorating ideas, browse our inspiring D├ęcor magazine!Did you finally find the idea you were looking for and would like to start your interior design project? Before starting any home improvement work, create your floor plan to visualize your dream interior as if you were there. HomeByMe is a complete and easy-to-use floor plan software, so start your project now by signing up, it's without commitment!