3D Home Design Guide by LAYOUT

Find out all about designing an interior plan for each type of layout and size of home.

By Housing Size

A renovation project will not be thought of in the same way depending on whether it is a studio or a 3-bedroom house. Even the decoration will have to be selected differently, focusing more on practicality and minimalism for small spaces, and leaving more room for creativity for large spaces.

Transform a 3 Bedroom Apartment into a Stylish Haven with 3D Tech

A complete guide for creating a stylish and comfortable 3 bedroom apartment with 3D home design planning.

How to Layout a Studio Apartment?

Size doesn’t have to limit the design potential of an interior. Discover how to create the ultimate studio apartment below.

Make 3 Bedroom House Plans Easily

We explain how to create a complete plan by yourself taking into account the specificities due to such a surface.

Design 4 Bedroom House Plans in No Time

Discover pro tips to develop practical layouts for your home and how you can customize each of your rooms.

How to Design a 3 Bedroom Floor Plan with 3D Technology

Discover how to utilize the fascinating world of 3D technology and virtual reality to design 3 bedroom floor plans or any interior design projects with incredible detail.

How to Develop Family House Plan 3D Design Planners?

Well-designed family house plans should be able to keep up with the everyday demands of family life. Find out how to leverage the power of 3D software to create a design that will serve your clients long after they move in.

Use 3D Technology to Create a Functional and Beautiful Apartment Layout

Unlock the potential of apartment spaces by leveraging 3D technology to create elaborate designs and virtual walkthroughs that will impress clients time and time again.

How to Customize 2 Story House Plans with a 3D Home Design Planner?

A house only becomes a home when it accurately mirrors the unique qualities, desires, and lifestyle of each homeowner. With the support of sophisticated 3D software, you can design for success and keep clients happy.

How to Master House Layout Plans using 3D Software?

With the ability to create detailed house layout plans with enhanced visualizations and photorealistic materials, 3D technology has become a key tool in the interior design and architectural industries.

How to Create 5 Bedroom House Plans Using 3D Software

Follow this comprehensive guide that shows how quick and easy it is to start leveraging 3D technology to improve your interior design process, skills, and reputation in this competitive industry.

How to Create 2 Bedroom 2 Bath House Plans?

Preparing to build your dream 2 bedroom home? Why not use a digital floor planner to help you plan it out in detail? From architectural features to the color scheme, you can pick and choose what you want, where you want it – all in a realistic, 3D platform.

How to Prepare a 5 Bedroom Barndominium Project?

Create a floor plan and home design for your barndominium with 3D floor planners. You can explore countless products, materials, and configurations until you nail the perfect layout for you and your family.

How to Get a 4 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plan

Getting a barndominium floor plan doesn’t have to be challenging or complicated. Whether you’re planning a large 4-bedroom with shop or if you’re in the process of figuring it out, all it takes are a few simple steps to get a detailed draft.

How to Make 1 Bedroom House Plans?

Prefer to develop your own 1 bedroom house plans rather than hire a designer? Discover how easy it is to get started using innovative 3D floor planners.

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Special Small spaces

More and more of us are living in cities, while the cost of real estate keeps rising. The living conditions in the city require us to be even more ingenious in learning to live in tiny places. But luckily, design projects for small spaces are full of great ideas that make it possible to feel good in a small space.

How to Draw Small House Plans?

Feeling restricted by your small square footage? Don’t be. We show you how to get strategic with your layout using free online floor planners.

Make Your Tiny House Plans Easily with an Online Home Design Planner

Did you just downsize to a tiny home? Find out how free home design planners are helping homeowners design and customize their tiny house plans.

How to Design a Studio Apartment?

With micro-living on the rise, there are many options available to maximize small open spaces. See how you can transform your flat into a wonderful home with the help of 3D technology.

How to Build Small Cabin Plans Easily with a Modeling planner?

Planning to build your dream cabin oasis? Find space-saving tricks and must-have tips for creating small cabin plans using 3D floor planners. It’s easy, accurate, and makes DIY projects so much easier.

What is a Studio apartment floor plan and How to Make It?

Want to feel excited about coming home to your apartment each day? Learn how to create exquisite 3D studio floor plans on your own so you can design a space that feels like home.

How to Design a Small Home in No Time with 3D Software?

Planning a small home design project? Transform any small space with 3D modeling software that can show you exactly where, how, and what to use to make the most out of every inch of space.

How to Make Small Ranch House Plans?

Not sure how to create the ranch style home you’ve been dreaming of? Having a realistic, visual aid is the best way to draft plans for any home design project. Discover how easy it is to create a detailed design for your ranch home using 3D floor planners.

How to Make a Small Modern House Design?

Use 3D floor planners to create a small modern house design without any prior experience. We guide you in getting started and what to consider for a stylish, practical layout that will feel like home.

Unique Houses

A lake house, a barn renovation project or a small cabin to be fitted out, all houses have their specificities. We focus here on the different typologies.

How to Make Barndominium Plans Yourself?

Embrace the laid-back vibes of the countryside with a customized barndominium designed by you. Using 3D floor planners, you can develop a design that fits perfectly with your new, rural setting.

Unveiling America’s Best House Plans: How to Capture the Style with 3D Home Design Software

Creating American-style home designs has never been easier. We unlock the potential of this technology below to show users how to transform their creative vision into tangible reality.

How to Build 2 Bedroom House Plans Easily?

Whether you’re buying your first home or have a small family, a 2-bedroom house can give you the right amount of space and privacy to live comfortably. See how you can design it in 3D.

How to Use a 3D Floor Planner to Make Cabin Plans?

As recreational homes, cabins are where you can indulge in creative and unique designs inspired by nature. Find the right look for you or your clients with the support of powerful 3D floor planners.

How to Design Modern Farmhouse Plans?

Want to evoke warm and comforting farmhouse vibes with a modern touch? Discover how to take on this chic and charming style with key features and a 3D interior design planner.

How to Make Modern House Plans?

Capture the modern look you’re aiming for with a 3D interior design planner. Visualize and finalize floor plans with professional results, all in a virtual format.

How to Design a Tiny House Floor Plan?

The tiny house movement is among the most popular communities today. If you’ve recently joined, discover the digital tools that homeowners are using to design their dream home, no matter the size.

How to Generate Luxurious Mansion Floor Plans in 3D

Designing a mansion can be as challenging as planning a tiny home. In this article, we break down the essentials to include, and show the benefits of using a 3D floor planner to produce exquisite designs.

How to Design Modern Lake House Plans in 3D?

Planning to design a lakefront property? Create stunning and functional designs that reflect the personality of your clients, all in a virtual setting.

How to Create U Shaped House Plans using a 3D Home Planner?

Those designs have existed for centuries, offering a private outdoor oasis within the home. See how to plan, build, and tour customizable designs with 3D visualizations.

How to Design L Shaped House Plans with a 3D Floor Planner?

See how 3D home design software can help you produce realistic renderings that allow clients to visualize what their future L shaped home will look like.

How to Design French Country House Plans with a 3D Floor Planner?

Discover the best ways to incorporate classic French country designs for the modern home, with the help of powerful 3D floor planners.

How to Create Mountain House Plans with a 3D Floor Planner?

A 3D home design planner will give you all the tools and features to develop the perfect design to embrace mountainside living to the max.

How to Make Bungalow House Plans with Easy-to-Use 3D Software?

Planning to design a bungalow? Find out how powerful 3D home planners can help you accommodate clients and deliver a home they will love spending time in long after it’s complete.

How to Create Ranch Home Plans in 3D?

Ranch homes are renowned for being welcoming and family-oriented. See how to maximize the benefits of this look while keeping things fresh and modern with a 3D home design planner.

How to Build Container Home Plans with a 3D Floor Planner?

Shipping containers offer unlimited potential for designing a home. Find out how to convert these empty steel shells into beautiful, practical dwellings with the help of 3D design software.

How to Make Mediterranean House Plans with 3D Software?

Explore the origins and hallmarks of Mediterranean house plans and how to capture the allure of the coast with 3D design software.

How to Make Beach House Plans in 3D?

Create a beach house design that will dazzle clients and elevate your portfolio with a 3D home design planner. It’s the easiest way to build detailed renderings and coordinate plans for a smooth and successful process.

How to Make Contemporary House Plans with a 3D Home Design Planner?

Curate a contemporary house plan that’s clean, minimal, and inviting with a 3D home design planner. It’s easy to use and lets you illustrate intricate, professional-grade designs made by you.

How to Make Southern Living House Plans?

Want to harness the soul of modern setting? Discover the best way to merge old and new with the help of innovative 3D interior design software.

How to Build a Modern House Layout in 3D?

3D software is what can set your creative skills and talent apart from the rest. Learn how to utilize this intuitive technology to build impressive designs that will win over clients and excel your career in the interior design industry.

How to Make Country House Plans?

Develop realistic floor plans and detailed designs that harness the warmth and charm of the countryside with 3D technology. Discover the benefits of 3D home design planners and how they can benefit you.

Elevate the Hearth: Explore Fireplace Mantel Ideas with 3D Design Apps

Learn how to arrange fireplace mantel decor and elevate faux fireplaces using the power of 3D imagery and intuitive drag-and-drop tech.

How to Get Floor Plans of a House? A Frame Floor Plans

A floor planner can guide you in making the best decisions when designing an A Frame home, barndominium, or any type of property that you want to personalize.

How to Make Small Farmhouse Plans?

Eager to trade in the cityscape for the calm and serene countryside? See how you can make that dream a reality with 3D tech that can help you plan and design your perfect farmhouse-style home to enjoy your new chapter.

Designing Your Dream Sunroom: From 4-Season Elegance to Solarium Greenhouses

Dive into the realm of sunroom designs, where we explore creative concepts and discover how 3D design planning is changing the game.

What is the Point of an A Frame House?

Are you building an A-Frame home or planning to remodel one? Find out how to transform this iconic structure into a space that’s relaxed, rustic, and beautiful.