3D Home Design Guide by LAYOUT

Find out all about designing an interior plan for each type of layout and size of home.

Unique Houses

A lake house, a barn renovation project or a small cabin to be fitted out, all houses have their specificities. We focus here on the different typologies.

How to Make Barndominium Plans Yourself?

Embrace the laid-back vibes of the countryside with a customized barndominium designed by you. Using 3D floor planners, you can develop a design that fits perfectly with your new, rural setting.

How to Build 2 Bedroom House Plans Easily

Whether you’re buying your first home or have a small family, a 2-bedroom house can give you the right amount of space and privacy to live comfortably. See how you can design it in 3D.

How to Use a 3D Floor Planner to Make Cabin Plans?

As recreational homes, cabins are where you can indulge in creative and unique designs inspired by nature. Find the right look for you or your clients with the support of powerful 3D floor planners.

How to Design Modern Farmhouse Plans?

Want to evoke warm and comforting farmhouse vibes with a modern touch? Discover how to take on this chic and charming style with key features and a 3D interior design planner.

How to Make Modern House Plans?

Capture the modern look you’re aiming for with a 3D interior design planner. Visualize and finalize floor plans with professional results, all in a virtual format.

How to Design a Tiny House Floor Plan?

The tiny house movement is among the most popular communities today. If you’ve recently joined, discover the digital tools that homeowners are using to design their dream home, no matter the size.

How to Generate Luxurious Mansion Floor Plans in 3D

Designing a mansion can be as challenging as planning a tiny home. Luckily, it’s a challenge that’s very rewarding. Below, we break down the essentials to include, and show the benefits of using a 3D floor planner to produce exquisite designs with ease.

How to Design Modern Lake House Plans in 3D?

Planning to design a lakefront property? Discover the convenience and powerful capabilities of a 3D floor planner. Create stunning and functional designs that reflect the personality of your clients, all in a virtual setting.