How to Create U Shaped House Plans using a 3D Home Planner?

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U shaped designs have existed for centuries, offering a private outdoor oasis within the home. See how to plan, build, and tour customizable designs with 3D visualizations.

A U shaped design is a type of architectural layout where the main living areas of the house are arranged in the shape of a U, centered around a courtyard, garden or pool.

By enclosing an outdoor area within the floor plan, the living and dining areas are shielded from the street or neighbors, creating a private oasis within the property.

This can be especially desirable in urban or suburban settings where properties are often placed close together. Additionally, the central courtyard or poolscape can maximize sunlight and ventilation throughout the home, keeping it fresh and airy.

It can also serve as a gathering space for family and friends, providing a comfortable spot to entertain or unwind. Overall, a U shaped house can be a suitable option for those who value privacy, sun-filled interiors, and private outdoor living spaces.

If you’re planning to build or design a U shaped house, read on to learn how to take advantage of 3D home planners to design the perfect home for your clients.

Open kitchen of a U Shaped House

How to Create U Shaped House Plans in 3D?

3D home design planners let you imagine, build, and visualize home design projects with ease. With a ton of customizations, you can create a floor plan exactly how you want, observing it from a birds-eye view or going inside to look around while building out the design.

It’s also an invaluable tool for communicating the goals and vision of a project to clients or a team. Below, we highlight some of the main benefits and features of this technology to explore when you’re drafting professional floor plans for clients.

Create a perfect U Shaped House:


1 Create a Top-Down Floor Plan

Start by translating ideas into a tangible floor plan using the toolbar found at the top of the 3D home planner. View the options in the Floor Plan tab to begin drawing.

Click the Add Walls icon to draw and connect each wall or insert a generic room shape and edit the measurements as you need.

Under the measurements tool, change the dimensions of each feature to keep the floor plan true to scale and size in order to maintain accuracy.

In the top-down view of the property, insert additional icons to represent where other items will be placed throughout the layout.


2 Build the Structure

Under the Products tab, click the Build icon to insert the structural features such as interior and exterior doors and windows.

Just click and drag any item you want into the floor plan and position it as you desire.

Choose from staircases, windows, technical equipment, plumbing, and more to build out the configuration of the home.


3 Furnish with Customizable Products & Decorate with Autofurnish

In the 3D home planner’s online catalog, there are thousands of products available for you to populate the floor plan and develop a beautiful, intricate design.

Choose from big brand names like Pottery Barn and Benjamin Moore, or no-name brands. Go to the Furnish tab to see the list of options organized per room.

Here, you’ll find furnishings for the bedroom, kitchen, living room, and even outdoor options like pergolas or patio chairs.

Click to relocate or adjust the dimensions of any item to suit the size of the space.

Get examples and ideas of a fully furnished home by harnessing the power of AI with the Autofurnish feature.

This will generate a decorated room or home based on your – or your client’s – personal taste. This feature is available through HomeByMe’s 3D mobile app.


4 Reuse Materials or Duplicate Designs & Personalize Floors and Walls

To speed up the process, reuse materials from one area to another with a simple click. Simply right-click to copy and then paste the item where you want to use it.

To duplicate a room or an entire design, right-click and hit the Duplicate tab. This is an excellent way to make slight alterations to compare and contrast ideas.

Whether it’s hardwood flooring, tiles, paint, or decorations to adorn the walls, find the materials and decor you need under the Decorate tab.

Choose from numerous colors, styles, and unique accessories including plants. Use the filter option to narrow your search to find things faster.


5 Generate High Quality Panoramic Images

Choose the point of view, background, and best lighting to snap high quality images.

Refer to the Studio Photo feature on the bottom left corner of the floor planner to make necessary adjustments for capturing the full scope of the design from the best vantage points to present to clients or to add to a portfolio.

From a bird’s-eye view to a first-person perspective, change the view mode at any time to zoom in or out and view the property from multiple outlooks.

To go inside the design, click the Footprint tab and then use the cursor to move around the floor plan.

Share a link with clients or team members so they can take a walk-through and offer constructive feedback.

U Shaped House Plans with Courtyard

Rather than placing the kitchen and living spaces in the middle of the home, U shaped house plans typically place these areas around a central outdoor space, creating an intimate area for outdoor leisure. Below is an example of standard U shaped house plans with courtyard.

Top view of a U Shaped house

1 Story: 3 Bed, 2 Bath

Set on 1900 square feet, this floor plan is an ideal example of how to incorporate a U shaped courtyard design. A 2-car garage is set in the front right corner of the home. Meanwhile, a courtyard is placed in the front and center portion of the home, tucked behind partitioning walls that maintain privacy from the street.

Behind the courtyard is a covered porch and the main entrance to the home. Stepping inside leads directly into the living room which opens into a dining and kitchen area set towards the right side of the home.

On the left side is the master bedroom, adjacent to the living room with an attached bathroom. Bedrooms 2 and 3 are in the front and middle portion with a shared bathroom that’s accessible from the hallway. It’s a spacious home plan that provides a well-designed U shaped layout.

U Shaped House Plans with Pool

U shaped house plans with pool or spa-like designs are commonly found in European and Mediterranean regions and largely depend on the square footage. With the appropriate space, they can offer a sense of luxury and reprieve right in the comfort of home.

Let’s take a look at an example that showcases the flow and benefits of this type of home.

1 Story: 4 Bed, 2 Bath

This layout measures almost 4000 square feet and exemplifies luxury living at its finest. Stepping in from a large front patio, an open great room, dining area, and kitchen are on display and wrap towards the left side of the property.

Three of the bedrooms are set on the right side of the home with 2 full baths to share. The fourth bedroom is on the left side, along with a 2-car garage. Meanwhile, a modern poolscape is positioned in the center of the floor plan, adding an elegant and sumptuous feature in the heart of the home.

Whether it’s with a modern poolscape or a traditional courtyard and garden, create realistic depictions of designs for clients using HomeByMe’s 3D home design planner. With powerful 3D imagery, real-life products, and countless customizable features, interior designers can provide stunning representations of projects to share ideas, make changes and expedite plans effectively and efficiently. Try it today!

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