How to Make Mediterranean House Plans with 3D Software?

Mediterranean House
  • Create a perfect mediterranean home designs in 3D

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Explore the origins and hallmarks of Mediterranean house plans and how to capture the allure of the coast with 3D design software.

Dating back to the roaring 20s, Mediterranean design started to emerge when luxury and wealth were on the rise and people sought out seaside villas to indulge in.

Rooted in Spanish, Italian, and Moorish cultures, many elements of this style embrace the exotic, laid-back, and sun-drenched coast.

Although each region varies slightly in design, the combination of soft lines, raw, natural materials, and decorative detailing in tiles and wood are fundamental hallmarks that capture the Mediterranean look and vibe.

When developing Mediterranean house plans, find the right look and layout with a 3D home design planner.

With intuitive 3D technology by your side, you can make beautiful, realistic renderings and give clients the clarity they need to feel confident in your work.

Read on to learn more about 3D planners, how to use them, and how to develop gorgeous Mediterranean home plans.

Mediterranean dining room

How to Create Mediterranean Style House Plans in 3D?

Straightforward and easy-to-use, 3D home design planners provide realistic imagery, materials, brand name products, and lots of other elements that can be used to create complex designs for any structure or style.

The main steps to the perfect Mediterranean house


1 Draw or Modify an Existing Floor Plan

Create a floor plan from scratch by manually drawing it with digital tools in the 3D planner.

To do this, navigate to the Floor Plan tab and explore the options in the dropdown menu.

Click to add exterior and interior walls, add a room, or use room separators within the layout. Already have a floor plan?

Upload it into the planner and modify it to adapt the layout based on the needs of your client.


2 Build Out the Structure

With the layout complete, switch to 3D mode and begin building the structural features.

There are countless options to utilize for this. Navigate to the Products tab and click Build to find structural features like patio doors, windows, staircases, and specialty equipment to insert into the floor plan.


3 Furnish and Decorate in 3D

Under the Furnish tab, discover options for furnishing each room at home.

Whether it’s armchairs for the living room, kitchen cabinets, sinks and faucets for the bathroom, or beds and cribs, formulate a professional design with exactly what you want.

To find a specific brand, material, or style, select an item and use the filter options on the left-hand toolbar.

When it’s time to add flooring, paint, and other materials or accessories, hit the Decorate tab to browse through all the features available.

Don’t forget to include the exterior. Find all sorts of outdoor furnishings and features to create a fabulous patio area.


4 Edit and Customize with Ease

While 3D floor planners provide total control over your design projects, they also offer intuitive tech to assist you.

Save time and effort by duplicating products or reuse materials by copying and pasting them from one room to another.

Double-click to undo or delete anything. Use the 3D Upload option to import your own furniture or try the Autofurnish tab to generate a fully furnished room based on a particular style.

Note: Autofurnish is only available on the HomeByMe app.


5 Create and Save Realistic Images

To create realistic, 360° images of your 3D design, go to the Photo tab and choose Realistic Image, Screenshot, or 360° Image to capture the project.

Under the Realistic Image tab, use the Studio Photo feature in the bottom left corner to personalize the lighting and background or get automatic suggestions for setting the appropriate viewpoint, mood lighting, and colorimetry for the best quality photos.

Create your own viewpoints, explore Night Mode, and save professional, high-quality renderings to show clients or add to a portfolio.

Key Elements of House Plans Mediterranean Style

House plans Mediterranean style will differ based on the region, however, certain characteristics can be found no matter which sub-category you lean into.

We highlight the main elements below to capture the essence of the seaside from this corner of the world.

  • Textured white walls
  • Natural wood
  • Exposed beams
  • Earthy color scheme
  • Stone or terracotta floors
  • Rich textiles
  • Patterned, colorful tiles
  • Rustic yet elegant furnishings
Top view of a Mediterranean house

Mediterranean House Floor Plans

Looking for examples of Mediterranean house floor plans to use in your design? Consider these layouts below.

Small Contemporary 1 Story: 4 Bed, 2 Bath

For a compact and contemporary design, this floor plan embraces an open-concept layout with a large great room set in the heart of the home.

This leads directly into an open dining and kitchen area tucked to the right side. A utility closet and bedroom are positioned between the great room and foyer.

Large glass doors provide access to a generous patio with a fireplace. On the left side, two bedrooms take over the front portion with a middle bathroom that can be accessed from a hallway.

Finally, the master bath and bed are set in the back left corner of the property and connect to the back patio.

Medium Modern 1 Story: 3 Bed, 3 Bath

Entering this modern style Mediterranean design with approximately 2500 square feet, the garage is set on the front left corner of the property.

The master bathroom and a small study are towards the right of the foyer. Through the hallway, an open concept kitchen, great room, and dining area share the center of the home, which flows out to a large covered patio with a pool and outdoor kitchen.

The master bedroom is set to the right of the great room. Bedrooms two and three are on the left side of the kitchen and dining room, each with a separate private bathroom.

Mediterranean house with a view

Large Traditional 2 Story: 3 Bed, 2.5 Bath with Courtyard

Just short of 5000 square feet, this floor plan is big and cozy with a closed-concept layout. Entering the foyer, a winding staircase is set on the left.

A small library is adjacent to it and placed in the front corner. On the right of the foyer is a small living room with a central fireplace and large, bright windows that showcase the courtyard outside. Down the hallway, a set of glass doors on the right side lead out to the courtyard.

Meanwhile, a semi-enclosed dining room is positioned left, and a pantry and powder room are adjacent to it. The large, open kitchen is nearby, with a cozy corner breakfast nook that offers a view outside.

Beyond the kitchen at the rear corner of the home is a large family room with direct access to a back patio. A 2-car garage, master bed and bath, and a large outdoor patio take over the right side of the main level. Upstairs, an open loft-style area branches off from the landing.

Two bedrooms are situated on one side of the second floor with a bathroom in between. On the other side, a game’s room and home theatre provide the perfect spot to unwind with the family.

Looking to create Mediterranean house plans that are elegant and timeless? HomeByMe’s 3D planner will equip you with the tools and tech to present creative designs with impressive, realistic renderings. With a slew of nifty features at your fingertips, develop designs faster, easier, and with confidence. Try it today for free!

Make a Mediterranean House Plan
  • Create a perfect mediterranean home designs in 3D

  • Try it virtually and show it in 4K

  • Be sure everything is flawless before launching works

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