Coastal bedroom ideas to create a relaxing paradise

Ocean-inspired interior design for the place you sleep is fun as there are so many different coastal bedroom ideas you can use. From traditional blue and white bedding and natural rugs to dramatic stormy grey weathered wood and oversized wall prints, a coastal bedroom evokes memories of the sea, even if you live in a downtown apartment.

How to create an inviting coastal bedroom?

Whether you want to just freshen up a bedroom or are carrying out a full remodel the home decor secret to a welcoming coastal bedroom is to use light colors, soft fabrics, wooden furniture, and accessories for texture and dimension.

Paint the walls of beach style bedrooms in soft color schemes to create a light and airy feel. To liven up the room you could select a beach-themed wallpaper for one wall.

If you’re not lucky enough to have a sea view, hang a large beach print at the end of your bed so you can wake up to the waves every morning. Make this the focal point of your coastal bedroom and use the wall decor’s colors as the theme for the room.

The coastal style is all about texture. Use weathered wood, bamboo or rattan accessories, and natural-colored pillows to complement the base bedroom decor.

Aim for simplicity when designing a beach style bedroom. Evoke a feeling of calm with crisp white sheets, pale bed linen and contrasting pillows. Add a jute area rug, a cane headboard, a palm plant and driftwood accessories and you have the perfect space to unwind in at the end of the day.

Coastal bedroom decor to create a seaside retreat

The rustic style influences coastal bedroom decor, using natural elements like wood and bamboo to keep things neutral. To warm the room, add touches of dusty blue or sunny yellow with bed linen, throws and pillows.
Plain lamps with soft tone bulbs will warm the room and bring in a touch of deeper color.

The beach-themed bedroom has to include at least a couple of sea-inspired accessories. A group of smooth pebbles in a bowl, an elegant vase of seagrass or a jar of colored sand could be all you need to take your design ideas to the next level.

If you want to add a quirky touch search for unusual bed linen, like fish or crab printed covers.

Which theme for modern coastal bedroom ideas?

Give the bedroom a theme to use as the canvas for the interior design. Do you prefer the tropical exotic look, a cozy beach cottage or the contemporary feel of a beachfront Hamptons home? The HomeByMe design app has plenty of modern coastal bedroom ideas for you to search to find a theme you love.

Not every coastal beach house design has to be full of seashells and sunshine. Here are some ideas for an inspired room that enhances the coastal look:

  • Tropical coastal – perfect for a master bedroom, embrace nature with rattan, exotic florals like orchids, and warm wood furniture.
  • Nautical – kids will love a nautical bedroom, from pirates, anchors and boats for the younger ones to sophisticated ocean wall decor and stylish model yachts for teens. You could even add a porthole mirror or window.
  • Coastal animals – decorate a guest bedroom in cool coastal colors and add a sea lion sculpture, a giant fish wall picture, or a set of wall prints of crabs, turtles and other sea creatures on the beach.

Creating a coastal-themed bedroom just takes a little imagination. Before you know it, you’ll think you’re basking on a sunny beach.

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