Coastal style

You don’t have to live by the sea to evoke memories of long sunny days, warm sands and rocky shores. These coastal decor tips will inspire you to design a home that’s brimming with light colors, breezy fabrics and natural furniture.

Timeless coastal beach decor to inspire you

If you’re lucky enough to be decorating a coastal cottage the objective is to create the summer vibe.

The color palette for a coastal home begins with a base of whites, blues and creams. These serene shades capture the simplicity of laid-back beach life and project a sense of calm. Enhance the foundation colors with bright yellow, coral, green or silver-gray to add some pops of color.

Texture plays an important role in beach house decor with weather-worn wooden floors and walls for texture, and driftwood accessories to evoke a feeling of relaxed simplicity.

Coastal beach decor embraces natural materials, using neutral rugs, wooden shabby chic furniture and soft fabrics that gently blow in the breeze. Linen and cotton are a great choice for sofas and window dressings, while a collection of brightly colored pillows add depth.

Make the most of natural light when you’re home decorating a coastal retreat by placing mirrors prominently to reflect the warm hues of the sun and occasional stormy skies.

The interior design of a coastal-themed property is the opportunity to use your creative flair. Whether you’re decorating a coastal farmhouse or a sleek modern beach home, choosing a location-inspired theme can pull the look together. Think Mediterranean beaches, the shores of the Caribbean, the bright sunshine of Greece, or the wild cliff tops of New Zealand. Each look has a unique character you can enhance with accessories from your travels.

Are you stuck for coastal inspiration? Try out the HomeByMe app to find some innovative coastal style design ideas that embrace the culture of coastal homes all over the world.

Coastal decor ideas to make you feel like life’s one long vacation

What are the best coastal decor ideas for a nautical-inspired home? Start by bringing a little bit of the beach home with you.

On your next trip to the coast collect pebbles, shells, driftwood, art prints, and even a little sand. Display your authentic beachy decor on the coffee table, an accent table, even in the powder room. Each texture brings the space to life and evokes images of golden sand and sun-kissed rocks.

Why not design and create your own ocean-themed home decorating accessories? Set your creative side free and make candle holders, picture frames, plant pots, doorstops, bookends… and display them on a wooden console table for everyone to see your handiwork.

When you’re designing a coastal theme, consider how to create the seaside vibe in each room. Keep the living room open and airy, use neutral colors, plants and rattan furniture to bring the outside in. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have an outside terrace, place the dining room table and chairs next to a window and embrace the view.

Even the kitchen gets the beachy touch with coastal colors, bamboo bar stools, seagrass in vases and blue and white crockery.

Moving on to the bedroom or the guest room, this is the place to relax and chill out. A distressed wood bed and nightstands will contrast perfectly with a vintage lamp to add a touch of glam beach. Choose colorful bedlinen in shades of blue, green, gray and white as a contrast to light-colored walls and reclaimed wooden floors. You can almost hear the gentle lapping of the waves on the shore…

How to display coastal wall decor as the focal point of the room?

A cute print set with a sea-life theme or a breathtaking unusual large painting of a sea creature add to the connection with the sea. Go for colorful art prints that stand out on the neutral background.

If you’re decorating a teen or kid’s room, you could transform it by hanging a surfboard on the wall as well as a coastal print.

Sea life-inspired wallpaper is another coastal wall decor idea to add contrast to plain floors and bedding.

When you’re on vacation, search souvenir stores for beach-inspired wall hangings – a seahorse, octopus, starfish or whale made from driftwood and painted with chalk paint can look stunning.

Why not turn your hand to crafts again and decorate a mirror with shells or sea glass? This will make an eye-catching feature whether you’re decorating a modern beach house or a cottage home.

Your coastal home may be by a lake, or the sea. It doesn’t matter if you prefer the beach cottage style or the sleek, contemporary look for the beach house you’re decorating. Wherever it is, and whatever style is your favorite, the coastal beach decor look is here to stay.

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