Traditional decor ideas

Find inspiration from Traditional images to start your project.
The traditional style is directly imported from Europe and is inspired by the 18th and 19th century. Sumptuous and elegant, this decoration brings together classics of interior design. The textures are varied and the colors are often present. To find traditional decorating ideas, browse our Inspiration page to discover projects from our community!

Precious materials such as silk, velvet, solid wood, but also patterned wallpaper and an abundance of accessories characterize the traditional style. Walls are adorned with floral patterns and frames. The colors are bold and assertive: solid wood, deep blues, reds and burgundy can dress up your rooms.

As for the furniture, the old style is the order of the day: curved legs, patterned fabrics and wooden frames are the must-haves of this style. Fireplaces are accompanied by impressive mirrors with golden frames, reminiscent of Haussmannian apartments. The paintings and frames are classic and for the most part representative: portraits, still lifes, landscapes... everything recalls the 18th and 19th century Europeans. Choose real parquet for your rooms rather than laminate or other types of flooring: it will add character and a touch of history to your interior.

For more traditional decorating ideas, find tips to make your interior in our D├ęcor magazine!

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