Remodeling a room

Does the master bedroom feel too dark? Maybe the family room lacks enough segregated space for you to work in peace while the kids play.

The reality is after a few years, your entire home could feel dated and off-putting. But the good news is, you don’t have to endure the hassle of selling just because it no longer appeals to you.

Remodelling can provide many creative solutions to refresh and improve your home to help you fall in love with it again. It’s also an excellent way to add value to your property while making it more convenient for your modern needs and lifestyle.

Whether it’s a minor or major renovation, learn the best ways to tackle DIY or client-based remodelling projects, along with optimizing each space and maintaining your budget.

We’ll share trending styles and advice on building out your plan, picking the best materials, re-jigging the layout, maximizing small spaces, plus much more.

Refer to our expert ideas to plan out all your creative design endeavors and get the job done right.

Laundry Room Remodel

Home improvements are performed often on focal areas like the kitchen or bathroom. But what about the laundry room?

Even though it’s a room that will never get showcased like the kitchen, it still serves an important purpose, keeping all our fabrics fresh and clean.

So, it deserves some attention too. If your laundry room is looking like something out of a ‘90s horror film, it might be time to update it.

Though having a well-designed layout won’t eliminate the loads of laundry that need washing, it can offer a more pleasant experience that’s more efficient.

When planning your laundry room remodel, discover helpful tips and how-tos on being smart with storage, choosing a suitable color scheme, enhancing natural light or improving artificial lighting.

These practical makeover schemes will help you construct a laundry room that won’t scare you each time you need to tackle that mountain of clothing.

Living Room Remodel Ideas

As the central hub that plays host to it all – work meetings, yoga sessions, playtime with the kids, and of course, plenty of binge-watching – the living room has been working hard to keep up with everything.

After adapting on the fly to serve multiple purposes over the past few years, it might benefit from some dedicated remodelling time so it can comfortably suit your needs.

But where do you begin? Or which materials are best for kids and pets? And how can you make it look attractive while still being practical and comfortable for work-life balance?

We’ll help answer all these questions and more with living room remodel ideas and recommendations that will show you how to achieve an updated design that makes sense for your modern life and family.

How to Remodel a Bedroom

In the past, bedrooms were typically updated last since they’re rarely used during the day and never seen by guests. But with so much extra time to fill at home, it’s the perfect opportunity to finally show it some love.

Since bedroom remodels don’t require any invasive or expensive renovations like adding plumbing or installing appliances, they’re fun, inexpensive and perfect for DIYers.

When you want to learn how to remodel a bedroom to create a cocooning sanctuary, we’ll show you how to tackle it from top to bottom.

Whether it’s a small guest bedroom or a large master suite, discover how to weave features together to enhance the style and functionality – from best storage hacks to selecting lighting fixtures to creating your dream walk-in closet.

Our recommendations will help you design a stunning bedroom aesthetic so you can feel proud to leave the door open and show it off.

Despite the common misconception, you don’t have to sell your home and relocate when it no longer serves your needs. Home design is never permanent.

It can be altered and adapted when it doesn’t suffice. When that time comes, find smart strategies and creative solutions right here to remodel any room at home into something that you’ll love.

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