How to Remodel Your Living Room for Cheap?

Example of cheap remodeling of a living-room
  • Test different layouts and decorations easily

  • Explore the area in 3D to better define the project

  • Create quality renderings to share your ideas

As one of the most used rooms at home, the living room deserves a modern update so it can stand up to everyday wear and tear. If it’s time to makeover your space, here’s how a 3D floor planner can help.

Once considered a formal room for hosting guests, the living room has since evolved to become the most frequented area at home. For modern homeowners, it’s where everything happens – lounging, reading, binge-watching, and spending time with family or friends.

So, when it comes to designing this central hub, comfort, aesthetics, and durability should be top of mind. When you’re ready to plan a remodel, use an online 3D floor planner. It lets you create a beautiful, livable space using tools and products to assemble your design virtually. Furniture, rugs, paint, decor – it’s all there for you to drag and drop, and explore new ways to redesign your living room.

Find out how to get started with your virtual living room remodel and what cost-effective tips can keep it affordable.

Plan Your Living Room Remodeling with a 3D Floor Planner

A 3D floor planner lets you visualize ideas and discover the design features you want for your home before proceeding with your remodel. You get to plan your layout, set the measurements, and add furniture and accessories until you’re satisfied. Check out how to plan your living room remodeling in 2D and 3D below.

Ideas of Floor plans for a cheap living-room

Design Your Living Room Plans in 3 steps


1 Create a 2D Layout

To create your dream living room, you need to make a detailed layout of the room. Draw the walls, floors, windows, and doorways using the tools provided in the planner.

You can attach each section and set the measurements to reflect the space you’re remodeling with precision.

If you know where certain features will be placed in your layout, use the icons to indicate where they will go.

Once you’re done, you’ll have an accurate 2D blueprint that serves as the foundation for your living room design.


2 Furnish and Decorate Your Space

Design your living room by navigating to the online library found in your 3D planner.

Here, you’ll uncover thousands of materials and products available for you to drag and use in your virtual living room. You can resize or reposition items as you need.

Add paint or wallpaper, try different sofas, coffee tables, and other staple features to furnish your space. Want to compare different layouts?

Create a duplicate with an alternate design scheme. When you’re happy with your design, save it and get panoramic HD photos printed from every angle.


3 Experience a 3D Walkthrough

When your design is complete, take a 3D tour with the Live Floor Plan option or first-person view mode.

You can view it with 360° capabilities as you move through your virtual living room. Show your ideas and design to others by sharing a direct link for them to see and critique it.

With pro-like results, you can feel confident in your plans and ideas once you’re ready to move forward.

Living Room Remodel Ideas on a Budget

When it’s time to inject some life into your living room, you don’t have to break the bank to do so. We show you how focusing on a few minor details and exploring alternative options like upcycling, can improve your space dramatically. Here are a few of the best living room remodel ideas to create a big impact for less.

Refinish Your Furniture

Rather than spending a lot of money replacing furniture, you could refinish it. If your sofa is looking dated, a slipcover is an excellent way to give it an instant upgrade or change the color to match a modern palette.

For the coffee table, adding a new stain or coat of paint could transform it. When you have a tighter budget, refinishing, painting, or upholstering existing furniture can be a great way to modernize your space while saving money.

Paint a Focal feature or Wall

Adding a fresh coat of paint doesn’t mean you need to repaint the entire living room. Instead, focus on painting an accent wall, a brick wall, or a fireplace. Revamping a section or modernizing a focal feature can be enough to make your space look new and improved.

Revamp Artwork at Consignment Shops

Do you have artwork that’s been hanging around for a few years? If so, now’s a good time to revisit and re-evaluate it. Does it match your style statement? Does it complement your color scheme?

Is there too much or too little? In some cases, you could take what you have and rearrange it into a gallery-style wall for something fresh and contemporary. Take a look online to find other inspiring, cost-effective ways to select artwork for your style and home. Also, don’t forget to check out local consignment shops where many artistic gems can be found for cheap.

Living-room plans made with HomeByMe
Project of Living Room Plans

Budget-friendly Decor Ideas For a Remodeled Living Room

Accessories and decor are what tie a design scheme together, making it cohesive and beautiful. Here are some budget-friendly decor ideas that can complete your remodeled living room.

Decorate with Plants

Plants naturally invigorate a room with color, shape, and visual interest. They create a vibe that’s always fresh and welcoming too. Use plants to adorn the coffee table and window sills, or choose a few large lush varieties to place in sun-filled corners of the room. There are many affordable, low-maintenance species available for those who don’t have much of a green thumb.

Use Vintage or Thrifted Décor

Thrift shops or flea markets can be gold mines for sourcing unique, quality-made furnishings and décor at very reasonable prices. Explore ones near you to see how you can get creative with antique pieces, like repurposing an old truck or suitcase into a coffee table or side table.

DIY Wall Art

If you have the time and love to get crafty, make your own modern artwork. With a few basic supplies, like canvas, stencils, and paint, you can create modern motifs, geometric patterns, collages, or something else that speaks to your style.

For a cheap living room remodel, take advantage of HomeByMe’s 3D floor planner. This free and easy-to-use platform gives you complete control over any of your remodeling projects. Use it to find your style statement, lay out your furniture, or see what type of decor looks best in your home. Try it today and let your creative ideas flow!

Remodel your Living Room for Cheap

If your living room is in need of an update, try implementing some of these simple tips to create a functional and stylish lounge area.

  • Test different layouts and decorations easily

  • Explore the area in 3D to better define the project

  • Create quality renderings to share your ideas

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