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Accessory dwelling units are popular for homeowners who want more space and additional income. Prepare detailed garage apartment plans in 2D and 3D with all the features required to make it cozy, modern, and comfortable.

Building an apartment in the garage is a smart, cost-effective way to increase living space rather than moving or building outward. Whether it’s a guest suite for family and friends or a rental unit for additional income, a 3D interior design planner can assist you in determining the best course of action based on the existing space and structure. With drag-and-drop tech, you can design a floor plan with accurate measurements, manipulate the layout, and add products or materials to illustrate your design.

To feel confident in your vision before sharing it with clients or contractors, take a 360° virtual tour. This streamlined approach can expedite the process, making it easier and more efficient for everyone involved. Let’s take a look at basic steps for using a 3D floor planner, and what layouts might work for your garage enhancement project.

How to Draw Garage Plans with Apartment in 3D

Powerful and user-friendly, 3D planners enable you to create floor plans and detailed designs from the comfort of a laptop or smart device. With digital tools and numerous features at your fingertips, drafting plans has never been easier. Take control of any project with clarity and confidence. Here’s how to begin building professional-grade garage plans with apartment in minutes.

Draw Modern Garage Plans in 3 steps:


1 Step 1. Show the Location of Walls, Windows, and Doors in a 2D Outline

Draw the initial outline of the garage from scratch, marking the location of each wall, window, doorway, and other architectural features that exist. Alternatively, import a blueprint or choose a template from the planner to work from.

Use the measurement tool and icons to input the details of the space, including dimensions and the location of any existing features.


2 Step 2. Add Design Details for a Professional 3D Rendering

Generate an HD, three-dimensional design for the garage by switching the view to 3D. Customize the floor plan by selecting materials and products from the catalog.

Use the filter option to search for a certain style, such as modern or rustic. Find popular brands and generic products with direct links to their pricing to keep track of expenses. Access a host of other features and materials, from paint colors to kitchen appliances to sofas and light fixtures – it’s all available to produce a stunning 3D floor plan that’s personalized for clients or yourself.

And since everything is accessible online, changes can be made easily and in real-time without delay.


3 Step 3. Use State-of-the-art Imagery to Tour, Share, and Print

Using state-of-the-art 3D imagery is the best way to get a true perspective of a design and present it to clients in a professional, accurate format. You can easily alter the settings to take a 4K tour of the apartment to observe the spacing and details from a closer and more realistic vantage point. Save and download plans, print out high-res panoramic images, or send a link to anyone who’s collaborating on the project.

Two Car Garage with Apartment Above Plans

Often neglected, messy, or bare, the garage can be a difficult spot to reimagine as a livable space. To kickstart your project, explore popular two-car garage with apartment above plans below.

Small Two Story: 1 Bed, 1 Bath

Working with just under 500 square feet, it’s important to utilize every inch of space. For a clean and compact garage apartment, consider this layout with an entrance placed at the side of the garage. Once upstairs, you’re led into an L-shaped corner kitchen with a two-seater breakfast bar. This flows into a semi-open concept, with the living area placed opposite the kitchen, in the front corner of the apartment. A compact shelving unit houses the TV and creates a partial wall for additional privacy and segregation between the bedroom and living quarters. The bathroom is tucked in the rear left corner.

Medium Two Story: 2 Beds, 1 Bath

For an 850 square foot unit, there’s plenty of space for an additional bedroom. Entering upstairs from the side, an open concept displays the living, dining, and kitchen areas. An L-shaped kitchen is set in the back right corner, and living and dining areas are towards the front and center, which leads out to a small deck. One bedroom is situated on the front left side, and the other at the rear with a full bath adjacent to the kitchen. This open floor plan is ideal for maximizing the square footage available, creating a bright and comfortable apartment unit.

Large Two Story: 1 Bed, 1 Bath, with Office and Deck

With just over 1000 square feet, a chic, modern and comfortable 1-bedroom layout can offer everything for a single adult or couple. Above the garage and workshop area, consider a plan that places the kitchen and a great room in the front half of the apartment with vaulted ceilings. A large kitchen island serves as a partition between the living room. Sliding glass doors lead to a large deck, extending the living space even further. The master bedroom is positioned nearby, at the rear corner of the apartment. On the adjacent side is a connected bathroom. A small home office is tucked just as you enter the unit, opposite the bathroom and bedroom.

Single-Story Apartment Garage Plans

If you’re working with a garage that doesn’t get used for vehicle storage or much else, it’s possible to convert the entire space into a modern and comfortable one-story apartment. Depending on the condition of the flooring, walls, insulation, electricity, and plumbing, it could require a lot or a moderate amount of work. Either way, apartment garage plans can be a less expensive option for gaining more livable room since the bones of the structure already exist. Having an apartment unit on the ground floor and close to home, also makes it an ideal “granny” style flat for housing in-laws or aging parents.

Take your garage apartment plans to the next level with intuitive 3D floor planners like HomeByMe. Impressive and accurate visualizations equip you with the tools to create a stunning design while offering better insight into scale, proportions, colors, and textures. So, you can put your best foot forward when presenting plans to clients or builders. Get started today for free and elevate your ideas.

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