Modern decor ideas

Find inspiration from Modern images to start your project.
Modern style differs from contemporary and minimalism. Unlike the contemporary, it does not represent the current situation but is part of a given time. The emphasis is on functionality and durability. Looking for modern decorating ideas? Our Inspiration page will help you start your decor project for your home.

The essence of modern decorating lies in usability and usefulness: furniture is multi-functional yet comfortable and warm. If in the minimalist style the storage spaces are hidden, the modern style highlights them with original materials: metal or plastic. Stainless steel, aluminum or chrome will find their place in a kitchen or a bathroom.

To avoid a too impersonal and bland interior, touches of color can be applied with abstract paintings, a shimmering carpet or original decorative objects. The furniture is elegant, straight or curved, but above all comfortable. The modern style allows you to give a welcoming atmosphere to your home and dress your rooms in a subtle and chic way.

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