The best ideas for Modern bathroom decor

A modern bathroom is practical and functional and boasts clean, elegant lines that respect the needs of the room. Minimalism is essential, with no frills or fuss. We’ve put together some of the latest modern bathroom decor ideas to keep your bathroom on trend.

Planning a bathroom remodel – modern bathroom design ideas

A bathroom remodel isn’t for the fainthearted. Yet with careful planning of the space, materials, and accessories you can create an inspiring modern bathroom. A 3D planning tool can help you achieve the effect you want, allowing you to play with different looks, styles, and colors before you start.

Modern bathroom design ideas combine maximizing space with achieving a luxurious oasis where you’ll love to spend time. Whether you’re revamping the master bathroom or the family bathroom, before you begin a modern bathroom remodel you should consider the following:

  • sanitaryware – is one sink enough, do you want a bathtub, do you have room for a walk-in shower?
  • materials – mosaic tiles, flooring, backsplashes, natural stone bathroom design – the modern bathroom offers simplistic and stylish materials such as marble, pebbles, concrete, copper and chrome 
  • storage – hide all those bottles, cosmetics, and toiletries neatly behind closed doors
  • color – do you want a modern black and white bathroom, the natural look or plain white interspersed with shades of subtle gray, blue or green?
  • lighting – how much natural light is there, where do you need extra lighting, do you need shades?  
Modern bathroom with beautiful shower with glass door

Modern bathroom with beautiful shower with glass door.

Modern bathroom decor ideas for small bathrooms 

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a large bathroom, but there are plenty of ways to plan the layout of a small modern bathroom and make it feel bigger.

Wall-mounted sinks, toilets, and vanities allow more floor space to give a sense of openness. 

For a modern vibe use square or rectangular mirrors to reflect light. Installing two or three at different heights will inject interest and detract from the essential over-the-sink bathroom mirror.

Lighting in the tiny bathroom should be functional. Make the most of natural light and only use blinds if you have to. Feature lighting around mirrors and in dark corners can make a modern bathroom seem much larger and draws the eye away from the size of the room.

A well-known modern bathroom design idea for small bathrooms is to use large tiles to enhance the size of the room. Light-colored tiles work best and the single-color tile gives continuity and spaciousness.

Very small bathroom storage ideas are fundamental. Every item you use in the bathroom should have a place and not be on show. The small modern bathroom only displays minimal accessories – expensive shower gel, your favorite perfume or aftershave, a single plant, or a luxury candle.

Built-in recesses are a great way to solve small bathroom storage problems. 

Some ideas of a small modern bathroom.

Some ideas of a small modern bathroom.

The ultimate bathroom decor ideas – modern spa style

Spas conjure up an image of the ultimate in pure pampering, and what better place to try out your luxury bathroom design skills than in your modern bathroom?

Here are some bathroom decor ideas – modern and spa-inspired:

  • invest in a walk-in shower with a metallic rain shower head and massage jets
  • introduce natural stone walls for texture, with marble, granite, or slate
  • use a neutral color palette of off-white, gray, and beige
  • add texture with soft, fluffy towels, plants, and luxury toiletries

And remember to keep things minimal. Less is definitely more in a modern, spa-style bathroom.

Modern bathroom decor captures the essence of contemporary design. From chrome towel rails to glass shower screens or a freestanding tub, it’s easy to turn your design ideas into reality to create a modern bathroom.

A raw style modern bathroom

A raw style modern bathroom.

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