Tips to get a sophisticated contemporary living room decor ideas

Contemporary living room with a colorful painting and a fireplace
In many ways, the living room is the focal point of the home. It’s often the largest room in the house, as well as one of the most heavily trafficked.

Home decorating living room contemporary styles to liven up your space

Contemporary homes tend to emphasize the modern living room more than ever: open floor plans that connect it to the kitchen and remove the dining room encourage us to use the living room as a multi-functional space. So it’s no wonder that this is the space that often sets the tone for the entire home. If you’re looking to create a fresh, welcoming atmosphere decor why not start with some home decorating living room contemporary ideas.

What is contemporary living room decor?

But what exactly do we mean when we talk about home decorating for a contemporary living room? In the design world, “contemporary” is a style that is defined by simplicity and openness, with high ceilings accentuated with a sophisticated use of texture, color, and lines. One major trend is the mix of vintage or artisanal elements, like exposed brick walls or hardwood floors, with sleek, minimalist furniture. Contemporary living room decor is both warm and fresh, cozy but uncluttered. Read on for ideas about how to achieve this decor style.

Contemporary living room decorating ideas

Contemporary living room decorating emphasizes geometric lines and refined silhouettes. Avoid ornate wood frames, ruffled trim, or any pieces that feel fussy rather than understated. Sleek design doesn’t have to be harsh, however.

In fact, minimalist furniture is the perfect way to highlight color and texture, two key elements in refined living room decor.

Choose simple sofas that are upholstered in natural fibers, such as cotton, silk, and linen, or pair geometric coffee tables with a jute rug. Mid-century furniture works well in contemporary design, because these pieces pair the rich texture of wood with clean lines. All of these examples create a pleasing contrast between geometric and organic elements.

Lighting contemporary living room decor

The hallmark of a contemporary living room is a feeling of airy openness. This is often achieved with high ceilings and large windows, but you can also recreate it with the right lighting. An oversized floor lamp by the sofa, for example, not only brings light exactly where you want it, it also works as a statement piece in its own right.

For an artisanal look, hang pendant lighting from the ceiling above the seating area or the dining table – they draw the eye up, emphasizing the ceiling height and maximizing your vertical space. Using a lighter palette is an easy way to make the most of what natural light you do have and instantly make your living room seem larger and more inviting.

Contemporary living room decorating ideas pictures and paintings

A contemporary living room doesn’t have to be all-white, however. The key is to use colors intentionally, to avoid overwhelming the space. That doesn’t mean forgoing bold colors altogether. If you have a larger living room and a flair for the dramatic, consider painting the walls a deeper color or covering them with bold wallpaper or a dramatic piece of artwork.

Just make sure to stick with simpler, lighter designs for the furniture, decorations, and floor coverings. If that’s too much commitment, a colorful accent wall can achieve a similar effect. For small spaces, stick to lighter neutral colors or white walls to keep the space as open as possible. and instantly make your living room seem larger and more inviting.

For Contemporary living room decorating ideas pictures and paintings, you can always add bold pops of color and texture with extra decorating ideas – pictures, throw pillows, and rugs, as long as they’re cohesive.
Most of all, have fun! Your living room is the centerpiece of your home after all – it’s a reflection of you and your personal tastes, so don’t hold back.

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