How to make a Space Themed Bedroom for your kid?

Love the intergalactic look? Discover how you can make a spaced themed bedroom for both kids and adults using a free 3D design tool.

From the mesmerizing Milky Way to planets orbiting distant stars, the universe is a strange and enthralling place. If your kid is fascinated with the mysterious world of astronomy or if they dream about becoming an astronaut one day, what better way to feed that curiosity and awe than with a space themed bedroom? Not sure where to start with such a bold and celestial style?

Create a 3D illustration of their bedroom and design it entirely, from floor to ceiling, using HomeByMe’s 3D floor planner. This advanced tool allows you to brainstorm ideas by adding materials, paint, furniture, and décor so you can create a realistic replication and plan out your bedroom design. We show you how to use this free design tool below and how you can harness those interplanetary vibes in a fun and modern way.

Space themed bedroom with a Neil Armstrong poster

How to Create a Space Theme Bedroom Using 3D Tech

If you or your kid wants a bedroom that looks out of this world, there are all sorts of space theme bedroom designs that you can experiment with using HomeByMe. There’s no expertise or experience required. You can build, design, and decorate using simple drag-and-drop technology. Follow these steps below to start drafting a space theme bedroom, whether it’s for the kiddos or your own sleepy haven.

Step 1: Outline the Shape of the Room

Outlining the shape of the room is the first step to designing your space themed bedroom. You can do this by manually drawing in each of the walls, doorways, and windows. You can also choose to use a generated room shape. Just be sure to change and set the measurements as you create the virtual outline so it matches precisely with the dimensions of the bedroom in real life.

Step 2: Add Features to Create Your Space Theme Design

With the structure of the room completed, you can navigate to the HomeByMe catalog and start inserting different materials and items to develop your spaced out design. Add flooring, wallpaper, bedroom furniture, light fixtures, and any other items. Then adjust, edit or rearrange it all. You can even get your kids involved by letting them pick out features to add to their virtual bedroom to see how it appears. Create duplicates if you want to alter the design and compare it with different variations.

Step 3: Take a Virtual Tour and Save Your 3D Design

HomeByMe not only lets you bring your ideas to life in a realistic format, but it also lets you take a virtual tour and save your designs for future use. With the click of a button, you and your kids can view the bedroom from a first-person perspective. Step in and take a look at the furniture, paint and any other features. When you’re satisfied with it, save panoramic images so you will know exactly how to implement it when you need to. Aside from being a risk-free way of developing home designs on your own, 3D floor planners are a fun way to explore different ideas and styles.

Kid bedroom with a space themed decoration

Galaxy Space Themed Bedroom Ideas for Kids

As a parent, you know how quickly kids can change their minds, which might have you searching for ways to create a flexible space theme that can easily be changed in the future. Luckily there are many options available today that will let you create a versatile design or something bold and way out there. Depending on your design objective, you could opt for galaxy space themed bedroom wallpaper which can present an eye-popping feature wall in the bedroom, combined with a white or blue color scheme.

For something less dramatic, keep it simple and fun by focusing on the accessories such as astronaut wall decals, spaced-themed bedding, and a solar system light fixture for a truly intergalactic experience. Use the HomeByMe catalog to explore all sorts of unique ways to create a look that your kid will love, while also keeping things easy for you.

Space Themed Bedroom for Adults

Space theme designs don’t have to be reserved just for kids. With the right balance, you can channel your inner Trekkie in a way that’s tasteful, modern, and sophisticated. The best way to develop a space themed bedroom for adults that looks grown-up, is by using a light, neutral palette. Using white is ideal for conveying a clean and futuristic look. Then pepper in some space-like features but be careful not to overdo it. Chrome accessories, a modern dome style chair, a celestial light fixture, and moon or star-like accessories are excellent ways to keep it on theme and elegant.

If you or your kid has a passion for outer space, why not embrace it with a space themed bedroom? HomeByMe can help you achieve the right look using realistic 3D renderings that you can save and use as your detailed blueprint. Try it today!

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