10 Spring Decorating Ideas to Refresh the Master Bedroom in 2023

From dark and moody to playful fungi-inspired decor – this year is all about personality. Check out the top bedroom design trends and ideas for spring 2023 to remake this multi-functional room into a dreamy and stylish oasis.

Bedrooms typically serve more than one purpose these days, whether it’s a work-from-home station, a meditation zone, or a cozy spot to curl up with a good book.

But despite the diverse range of tasks, the bedroom is where we begin and end each day, which means it can have a significant influence on our mood and set the tone for the day ahead.

As such, the design should be convenient and practical while clearly defining the appropriate atmosphere that can encourage us to relax, unwind and get some beauty sleep.

When it comes to remodeling the master bedroom, there is plenty of opportunity to have fun and add personality to the space since it’s usually a smaller room that’s not on display and is relatively inexpensive to remodel.

Whether you’re a professional designer or a DIY homeowner, we’ve compiled the must-try master bedroom design ideas for 2023 and other defining elements that are worth keeping tabs on when developing your mood board.

Master Bedroom Design Ideas for 2023

Explore some of the biggest master bedroom design ideas for 2023 that are gearing up to dominate the industry this year:

Grandmillennial Style

The Grandmillennial style tastefully blends traditional and modern design elements that incorporate classic patterns, textures, and colors.

As a style that’s been around for a few years now, it’s still going strong in 2023 as more young professionals seek out ways to create master bedroom designs with a cozy and sophisticated aesthetic.

Textured Wallpaper

Textured wallpapers, such as grasscloth and embossed designs, can add depth and interest to the room. These wallpapers are also innately calming, which is the primary goal with bedroom designs.

Use textured wallpapers throughout the entire room, as an accent wall or to separate a specific task zone, like a home office nook from the rest of the space.

Sustainable and Biophilic Designs

The use of sustainable and natural materials has soared in recent years as more people want eco-friendly interiors. Biophilic designs do exactly that by leaning heavily into greenery, wood, stone, and other natural materials to foster a stronger connection between people and nature.

Incorporating bamboo, jute, rattan, reclaimed wood, upcycled furnishings, and natural fibers are great ways to create a beautiful and environmentally conscious space in the bedroom.

Artisanal Decor

Artisanal decor such as pottery and handmade textiles, will continue to be popular in 2023. These add another earthy and organic touch, heightening the sense of warmth and comfort. Handmade accessories are also excellent for softening more modern, polished textures and finishes.

Deep, Warm, and Recessive Tones

As we lean further into nature-inspired designs, master bedroom color palettes for 2023 are warming up too. We’re seeing recessive tones like deep blues and greens, and even darker shades of plum, charcoal, amber, and clay.

These add depth and richness, which help to establish a soothing environment for winding down.

In addition to deep greens and blues, we’re also seeing a return to pastels – both bold and more subdued tones. Specifically, lavender is set to be among the most favored pastel color this year for master bedroom designs.

Playful Light Fixtures

Playful, personalized, and expressive accessories, including light fixtures, are becoming a major part of current bedroom design trends. Artistic lamp shades, vintage-style sconces, and elaborate pendant lights are set to be big.

But no matter the type of light fixtures used, the main emphasis should be on warmth, so make sure to use bulbs with soft and warm filaments that will create a cozy and inviting bedroom glow.

Soft Lines and Curves

One trend that’s been ramping up over the last few years is a noticeable shift toward soft and curvaceous lines. Archways in particular, are dominating the design world with a throwback to classic Renaissance styles.

From embedded alcoves and bookshelves to arched doorways to painted shapes in place of traditional headboards – expect to see lots more curvaceous features in the bedroom and beyond.

Infusing Wellness in Design

Wellness has been a focal part of the design since the pandemic. It’s another reason why we’re seeing such a big shift in sustainable and organic elements that make us feel good and grounded.

Wool, cotton, linen, clay, and ceramics are a few examples of materials that will have a noticeable presence – not only as a trend – but as a staple in interior design for the foreseeable future.

Fungi-Inspired Decor

In light of more playful accessories that are being embraced this year, there’s a strong pull toward fungi-inspired decor. Whether it’s mushroom-shaped side lamps and floor lamps, tabletop accents or even mushroom-themed wallpaper – it’s a fun and quirky trend that’s gaining momentum, and we’re all for it.

Moody Maximalist

Dark, gothic, and moody bedroom designs have subtly been picking up steam and are a hot look right now. A dark monochromatic palette, mixed with gold and light accents, elaborate chandeliers, and modern notes of Maximalism, have people gravitating to this style.

It’s the perfect theme for creating a cozy, cocoon-like bedroom, and it’s yet another look that we predict will be around for quite some time.

As an important room at home for setting the tone of each day and mitigating our daily stress, the master bedroom design should be based on promoting a restful oasis of comfort, coziness, and style.

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