Looking to add some character to your interior? Get inspired with Wellpapers for your home decor.

Papier peint Tropical
Between HomeByMe and Wellpapers, a beautiful story begins! Newly added to our catalog, the wallpapers from the Barcelona-based brand have everything to charm decoration enthusiasts. We'll tell you more about this colorful partnership!

Wellpapers, a ambitious player in the wallpaper market

Specialized in the creation and sale of wallpapers, Wellpapers offers a diverse range tailored to all interior styles. Original patterns, easy installation, environmental commitment… Let’s take a look at the many advantages of the collaboration developped with HomeByMe.

Wellpapers in a few words

After observing the impact of the health crisis on the evolution of our well-being at home, Fiona Piazza, former set designer and interior designer, decided to launch her business in the decoration sector. She created Wellpapers with the aim of restoring the nobility of this somewhat forgotten material, wallpaper.

With a predominantly female team, Fiona started working in her workshop in Barcelona. Her goal? To imagine and produce wallpapers with bold designs that are easy to install and remove!

The advantages of Wellpapers wallpapers

The great strength of Wellpapers lies in the unique character of the creations, all imagined by Fiona Piazza. You have the choice among a wide range of original patterns, suitable for all decoration styles.

Another significant advantage is the ease of installation of Wellpapers wallpapers. A few sprays of water on the pre-pasted paper are enough to apply it to a wall! And if you already dread the ordeal of stripping wallpaper, rest assured. Here, there is no need for the tedious step of using a steam stripper. Simply moistening the wallpaper allows you to remove it without leaving any traces!

Good to know: In addition to its standard and premium pre-pasted wallpapers, Wellpapers offers an adhesive vinyl range specially designed to modernize and personalize your furniture.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning Wellpapers’ environmental commitments. The company stands out notably for:

  • On-demand and custom production in its workshop (no stocks, no waste, no leftovers!)
  • The use of ecological inks made up of 90% water and containing no pollutants or dangerous substances.
  • The use of fire-resistant materials without endocrine disruptors.
  • FSC certification for its pre-pasted papers.

Who is Wellpapers wallpaper for?

Wellpapers wallpaper can be used by both individuals and professionals. Whether you want to give a new life to your living room or rethink the decoration of a bar or hotel rooms, you will surely find a design suitable for your project and your desires.

How to test Wellpapers wallpaper in the HomeByMe interior design software?

HomeByMe is an all-in-one solution for creating 3D plans and generating professional-quality renders. With over 12 million registered users, this interior design software is the reference in the field of interior design. Want to test the HomeByMe 3D planner for one of your projects? Follow the guide:

  1. Create a new project. Sign up on the website then click on the “Create a project” tab.
  2. Fill in the main project information. Specify the type of housing, its dimensions, etc.
  3. Create the 3D plan of the house. You can draw the walls or import the 2D plan of the apartment directly into the software.
  4. Arrange the different rooms. Add or remove doors, windows, and partitions from the “Creation” tab.
  5. Furnish the interior. From the “Furnish” tab, choose from thousands of generic furniture pieces or pieces from top brands.
  6. Dress up the house or apartment. Feel free to add the decorations of your choice by browsing the “Decorate” tab. This is where you’ll find the wallpaper section and discover the entire Wellpapers collection.

Choose from several versions. You can design 5 projects for free, so don’t hesitate to test different wallpapers to make sure you make the right choice!

Good to know: You can freely navigate within your 3D plan and generate 4K photos or 360-degree images to share with the various project stakeholders.

Wallpaper decoration ideas: focus on the best-sellers available in the HomeByMe catalog

To stimulate your creativity and inspire you, discover the most popular wallpaper collections among Wellpapers’ customers.

Embrace the Flower Power effect with Retro Flowers

Want to mix poetry and nostalgia in your interior? Retro Flowers wallpaper from the Vintage collection is made for you! Between Art Deco spirit and disco ambiance, its bold colors with orange hues enhance the imposing petals that make up its pattern.

papier peint fleur retro

Vintage Wallpaper

Take a vacation at home with Sunrise by the Sea

Panoramic wallpaper, Sunrise by the Sea seduces with its colors that are both vibrant and soothing. A true ode to summer holidays, this motif, typical of the coastal landscapes of the Mediterranean, plunges you into an ocean of sweetness and serenity.

Papier peint Aurore en Bord de Mer

Seaside Wallpaper

Dawn, or the call of serenity

With its clean lines and gentle color gradient, Dawn is an invitation to contemplation and relaxation. Ideal for a child’s bedroom, this panoramic wallpaper idea is available in four different shades (green, orange, terracotta, and beige) to best match your furniture and decorative objects.

Papier peint Aube

Panoramic Wallpaper

Head to the ocean with The Beach

Designed to add depth and dimension to an interior, The Beach wallpaper is a refreshing window to the ocean. Its soft and light colors immerse you in the heart of a sunset with bucolic notes. With a little luck, you may even catch a whiff of sea spray!

Papier peint La Plage

Beach Wallpaper

Swimmers: dive into a refreshing pop wave with retro accents

In the Urban Pop collection, the Swimmers motif is a must-have! Appreciated for its retro vibe as much as for its colorful tones, this decorative wallpaper doesn’t go unnoticed. While it’s easy to imagine it blending into the decor of a seaside bar, many individuals have successfully integrated it into their interior.

Papier peint Nageurs

Swimmers Wallpaper

Far from being just a wallflower, the partnership between HomeByMe and Wellpapers helps to bring wallpaper back into the spotlight. The Barcelona-based brand is known for the originality of its designs and for the ease of installation of its pre-pasted wallpapers. It’s a top choice (with character!) for your interior design projects carried out with the HomeByMe interior design software.

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