Interior Design Trends

Interior design trends are continuously changing as they adapt to mirror our physical and emotional needs.

Being in our third year of a global pandemic, we’ve all grown accustomed to spending significant amounts of time at home. And by now, we are very mindful of how the spaces and features that surround us affect our mood and energy.

Thus, interior design trends for the future will be undoubtedly inspired by our senses and desire to create environments that are emotionally nurturing and comforting.

So, what exactly can we expect our senses to gravitate toward this year and beyond? Discover all the latest interior design trends as they develop and grow right here.

New Interior Design Trends

Find new interior design trends before they become mainstream with our comprehensive guides and tips that will help keep you in the loop.

For the home office, kitchen, living room, bedroom, and every corner at home, we’ll be scouring the world of interior design and forecasting the most notable trends to deliver actionable ideas for designers and DIY homeowners alike.

With our expert tips to assist and inspire, you’ll be able to combine new interior design trends with your personal style to create desirable spaces that will resonate with your lifestyle or your future clients.

Latest Interior Design Trends

In our modern world, interior styles are rapidly shifting. Designs that once defined contemporary interiors even mere months ago are being cast aside for new variations and adaptations.

We’re seeing this play out with many different schemes, from ‘warming’ minimalism to the resurgence of retro ‘70s to the new ‘grandmillenial’ trend that merges elements of traditional style with a modern twist.

But no matter the look, one thing is certain – today, every object and element at home must serve a functional or emotional purpose. Stay ahead of the curve with the latest interior design trends that are leading the way and learn which ones are becoming segments of the past.

We’ll take you inside the creative scene to keep you updated on the surging trends – from farmhouse to biophilia to sustainable – and show you how to curate your designs to achieve the right look in your home or your clients.

Interior Design Trends 2023

When our external world becomes uncertain and unpredictable, we have a natural tendency to focus inward to stay grounded and gain some semblance of peace.

For this reason, interior design serves as not only a creative outlet, but as a fundamental part of nurturing our sense of comfort, joy and growth.

Since our homes have become the center stage of our lives where we eat, sleep, work and socialize, creating lifestyle-driven spaces has never been more important.

Whether you’re updating an entire home, modernizing the kitchen, expanding the bathroom, or refreshing the layout of a guest bedroom to serve as an office, we’ll dish out helpful steps to guide you in capturing a beautiful and personalized layout.

We’ll explain the interior design trends for 2023 and the staples for choosing color, furnishings, lighting, décor and more so you can feel equipped to approach any interior design project with confidence.

Interior design trends not only keep our homes looking modern, beautiful and practical, but they also add excitement to the mix of life. They break up the monotony with artistic distractions that we can get immersed in.

Seeing new styles, colors and patterns emerge is like hitting the refresh button and having a new canvas to play with where we can let the creative juices flow to recreate spaces that make us feel good.

No matter the size and shape of your home, this is where you can find all the interior design tips, ideas and strategies you’ll need to deliver exceptional designs for each and every project that comes your way.

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