How to design a kitchen remodel?

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Involved in a kitchen makeover? Whether it’s a home staging project or a complete renovation, learn how to use a 3D solution to help you succeed in this challenge!

The style of a kitchen, like any other room, can sometimes become dated. Furniture gets old, yellow, electrical appliances become obsolete and space becomes scarce as one’s cooking skills grow.

In short, there are many reasons to embark on a kitchen decorating project. The scope of the project depends of course on the budget allocated. In any case, it is very difficult to think of a new decoration without being able to project yourself concretely. It’s hard to imagine if a bunch of decorative objects would make a harmonious decoration.

Fortunately, we have the solution! With HomeByMe, use a large catalog of products from major brands (and generic ones if you keep specific decorating objects) to test ideas as much as you want. Once the project is validated, head to the store with the product list.

1. Renovate a rustic kitchen: focus on painting the cupboards

A few brush strokes for maximum effect! We often have the reflex to want to change the furniture for something new. With the ever-increasing prices, it’s best to think twice before walking through the door of a kitchen designer.

Whether it is for your own use or for clients, it is often difficult to see beyond wear and tear. And yet, some furniture just needs a lick of paint. Beyond the fresh look it can bring, playing with new colors can totally change the style of the kitchen!

Another small budget saver: change the handles of the furniture. It’s the little detail that changes everything! Modern, vintage, discreet or even non-existent (with a pressure system), it can considerably change the look of the room.

In short, we keep the structure and with a few brush strokes and turn of screws, we give a new breath to a kitchen. To get an idea of what this will look like, go to the HomeByMe 3D planner.

Create in a few clicks the existing kitchen with the right measures, then try several colors, change the handles… Anything is possible!

How to design a kitchen remodel

2. Repainting the kitchen splashboard

Don’t stop there with your paint brushes. It is certain that the splashboard wears out and goes out of style, while costing a certain amount of money.

Here, the same solution: repaint! Be sure to use a suitable paint that is water and heat resistant. This will allow you to let your imagination run wild for a perfect combination of furniture and kitchen credenza.

3. Change the kitchen worktop

Perhaps the biggest expense, but the worktop is the most important part of a kitchen, and should not be neglected. For small budgets, we will abandon marble and stone to go towards wood or laminate. The latter requires little maintenance, while wood should be varnished every year. This choice will be made according to each person’s desires, tastes and especially lifestyles.

This element is not to be neglected, as it will make the aesthetics of the room, but also its ergonomics. Once again, get lost in the countless choices available in the planner.

3D site plan

4. Which floor for a kitchen?

The floor dresses up a room, but it must be practical, especially in a kitchen, which will often need to be cleaned.

Suggest practical solutions such as vinyl or tile. Stay with light tones if it’s a small room.

Finally, if the kitchen is open to the living room, the challenge of choosing a trendy floor is even more important… And to match the style of the living room.

5. Optimize your storage space

We can never say it enough: a tidy room is necessary for a successful decoration. A place for everything, hiding foodstuffs and highlighting only aesthetic utensils. This can make all the difference.

6. Decorate with kitchen accessories

The devil is in the details! If you have a specific style idea, or if most of the accessories you have are worn out, it’s time to change them!

Just like a bouquet of dried flowers or a souvenir from a trip, these utensils are decorative objects that will bring the final touch to a kitchen.

Tea towels, potholders and other cutting boards are all elements that make up the overall look of a kitchen… And that we get tired of.

7. Focus on lighting

As with any room, light dresses up and promotes an atmosphere, so it’s up to you to decide which one you want to focus on in this kitchen project. For more style and a warm atmosphere, opt for yellow spotlights under the wall cabinets.

If the kitchen has a central bank, decorate it by selecting drop lights. In general, choose wall-mounted fixtures, as floor lamps are cumbersome.

As you can see, a kitchen makeover project can be very easy to manage, as long as you follow a meticulous organization and have the right ideas.

As even the greatest designers have sometimes had a lack of inspiration, we suggest you take a look at our page which lists the creations of our community. Because if you don’t want to have an enlightenment, you might as well take the best from others, right?

You can filter by the style you are interested in, the predominant brands, the colors and of course, by room.

And if you’re a pro looking for a complete design solution that meets your requirements, this is the place to be!

Design a kitchen remodel
  • Draw your plan quickly

  • Test different layouts and kitchen types

  • Make sure everything is perfect before construction, all in 4K

  • Download plans, realistic images and 360° tours

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