Ethnic decor ideas

Find inspiration from Ethnic images to start your project.
From Latin America to Africa, by way of Asia, the ethnic style is an ode to escape. Discover here the ethnic decoration creations of our community and find new ideas for your projects!

Far from the stereotypes of a gypsy and multicolored interior design, the ethnic style is marked by chic and elegance. This look is characterized by subtle combinations of natural materials, the use of warm colors and elements from ancestral know-how. Such an interior design favors an eco-design approach, the favored decorative objects coming from small-scale production crafts and most of them can even be found.

Having an ethnic interior means giving pride of place to soothing materials (exotic wood, rattan, bamboo, wicker) and colors (wax fabrics, ceramics and animal prints). In terms of colors, we will recall the earth (red, yellow, ochre, coral, brown) that we will temper with more neutral tones (in beiges and whites).

The ethnic style is a clever mix between a modern interior and decorative touches from elsewhere. We oscillate between modernity and tradition, the difficulty being not to do too much and sacrifice the part of chic proper to this style. Excess is the number one enemy of good taste, so it is advisable to use subtlety.

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