Easy kitchen wall decor ideas to transform your kitchen

Don’t forget about the kitchen when decorating your home. The kitchen is more than a cooking space. It’s a room to express your creative kitchen ideas. Start with these simple kitchen wall decor ideas to give your kitchen personality.

If you’ve got a small kitchen, it’s still possible to maximize the space. Transform a bare kitchen wall with a hanging herb garden, open shelves, and hanging baskets – perfect to store vegetables, herbs, and kitchen essentials.

Add some eye-catching artwork to make your kitchen feel more homely. From farmhouse prints to modern photography, kitchen wall art can enhance your kitchen decor ideas. No room for your wine collection? A simple pallet wine rack can add essential detail to any kitchen. It doesn’t take up much space and is the perfect solution for storing bottles of wine and glasses.

Vintage metal wall signs can also make a real interior design statement and add a personal touch to your kitchen.

Another innovative idea is to make storage a focal point with the addition of a row of simple wooden planks containing hooks. Ideal for anything from mugs to pans or wire baskets for utensils – this simple idea will transform your kitchen walls.

Kitchen counter decor ideas to show off your favorite things

While the kitchen counter should not be cluttered with unnecessary items, kitchen decorating can include a few key items to reflect your kitchen counter ideas. Nothing looks more stylish than a clear counter or kitchen island with a stunning bowl of fruit or a large vase of flowers on display.

If you have a white kitchen and like to keep things minimal add some warm wood utensils in a pot, wooden trays to hold herbs in pots, or decorative glass jars for interest.

Light fixtures above kitchen counters also create atmosphere and are a practical addition to the room.

Make sure your kitchen counter works with your kitchen cabinets, for example, does a gray cabinet door go with a black marble countertop? A great way to try out your kitchen counter decor ideas before you make any changes is to use the HomeByMe Planner app. You can try all kinds of combinations – upper cabinets and wall tiles, flooring and base cabinets, wooden countertops, and stainless steel splashbacks… the only limit is your imagination.

Stuck for kitchen island decor ideas?

Many modern kitchen designs include the addition of a kitchen island. As well as a food preparation area, the kitchen island is a way to express your decorating ideas. But how do you style your island beyond a bowl of fruit?

One idea is to display your favorite pieces on the island, from colored glass vases to wooden trays containing candles or seasonal fruits. This is the ideal surface to try out your kitchen island decor ideas.

Make your kitchen island look like it’s straight out of a magazine with an ornamental cake stand (all the better if it contains a cake!), an enormous wooden bowl, or a recipe book stand complete with your favorite recipe book.

Pendant lights above the kitchen island add the finishing touch and are a practical addition to any kitchen.

From contemporary blue kitchens to rustic farmhouse kitchens or timeless Shaker style, take your kitchen decor ideas to the next level.
Your dream kitchen is within reach – explore the ideas on the 3D planner for kitchen decor inspiration. Whether you’re planning a reform or just want to brighten up your kitchen, the possibilities are endless.

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