Inspiring Boho Kitchen Decor Trends

What’s the recipe for stunning boho kitchen decor? A generous portion of color, several pinches of texture and a sprinkle of exquisite accessories from around the world!

From eye-catching patterned floor and backsplash designs to earthy ovenware on display and natural fabrics, decorating a bohemian kitchen is a cheap and cheerful way to brighten up the heart of the house.

How to create an instant boho kitchen?

Small or large, narrow or square, it’s easy to add boho design ideas to any kitchen. Take inspiration from global artefacts to create a comfortable, cozy kitchen where everyone will love to congregate.

This is your chance to unleash your artistic side and develop a unique kitchen interior.

For an immediate spruce-up introduce a touch of nature and add a selection of plants. Hanging plants on open wooden shelves, large pot plants on the floor and jugs of flowers add pops of color and life to a boho kitchen.

Strong jewel colors make an impact and will look fantastic displayed on a dresser or shelf, just like in a farmhouse kitchen.

Another great boho look can be achieved with wall decor – plates, prints, macramé, even the kids’ framed paintings!

white boho kitchen with suspended plants and a boho rug

White boho kitchen with hanging plants on open wooden shelves.

Boho kitchen ideas for a remodel

Changing up the floor, walls, tiles and cabinets can craft your kitchen into a fabulous space. Add a few Boho decor kitchen decorations to create the relaxed vibe. 

A fast and effective way to liven up your kitchen design is with a can of paint or two (and it´s cheap!). Paint kitchen walls and cabinets in cheerful colors to grab attention. If you’re lucky enough to have wooden countertops (or you can afford new ones), these will add the final boho touch. 

If you prefer a more calming kitchen decor style, then choose neutrals and intersperse color with bright rugs and jazzy curtains.

You don’t have to go to the expense of replacing tiles for the bohemian look. There are some great colorful tile stickers on the market that look like the real thing. All you do is peel and stick!

But if you fancy doing something creative, mosaic tiles are one of the cheapest kitchen decor ideas and easy to fix. Choose one area of a wall and create a unique mosaic design in bright colors to make a statement.

If you have the budget, we recommend refreshing your kitchen floor to switch up your boho kitchen ideas. Vintage wooden flooring in antique white or colored tiles with a pattern will completely change the feel of your kitchen.

To complete the look, why not search salvage yards for reclaimed wood and have it fashioned into a kitchen table or shelves to display your travel souvenirs?

white boho kitchen with suspended plants and golden touches

White boho kitchen.

A white boho kitchen as the heart of the home

You can also achieve a casual relaxed look with a white boho kitchen. Paint the walls and woodwork white or off-white and allow lighting and accessories to take the leading role. 

Fill the space with decor vintage-style for a traditional look. A beautiful, solid wood farmhouse-style table would look fantastic in the center of the room.

Think ethnic rugs, chalk wood cabinets, a reclaimed wood kitchen island, open display shelves, casual bar stools, and plenty of plants. Nothing has to match – fabrics and patterns can all work together to give your kitchen a stylish, boho touch.

The white boho decorative look works well with a blend of neutral colors, especially to make a small kitchen appear larger. Combine white with earthy tans and terracotta to inject warmth and atmosphere. 

Use baskets and boxes in wicker and rattan to store kitchen utensils, cloths and vegetables. These also make great plant pots.

The bohemian interior design style is all about pieces that tell a story and reflect the person you are and your individual style. Introduce it into your kitchen for a taste of global inspiration.


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