Boho Style

The boho trend is an expression of your personality. It’s warm and inviting, colorful and cozy. This style mixes and matches patterns and textures to create an artisan feel with a touch of the eclectic thrown in. Boho decor displays all your trinkets collected from around the world. It offers an insight into your life, your loves and your individuality.

The word boho comes from the French word bohemian – a person who dares to be different, is artistic and stands out from the crowd. Embrace the bohemian style and break the rules.

What are the most popular boho home decor ideas?

No two boho decorated rooms are alike. You can copy the style, but the result will be an enchanting interpretation of the pieces that make up your life.

Boho home decor has a global feel. The look is layered and bold and mixes throw pillows, oriental rugs, natural wood or rattan furniture and lots of plants.

The beauty of this style is you can enhance an existing look by slowly adding bohemian pieces. Include artifacts from other countries, reclaimed wood frames and furniture, vintage accessories and metallic accents such as candlesticks and table and floor lamps. The boho style creates a unique interior in any room.

Boho bedrooms offer a range of patterns in many colors. Blankets, throws and pillows are layered on the bed, giving the room a charming and relaxing feel.

The boho living room experiments with vibrant colors, thick patterned rugs and a mismatch of furniture. Beading and tassels add interest to plain furniture and fabrics.

Boho even works in the kitchen to create a relaxing room to cook, chat, eat or just lounge. Introduce plants, a rug, a sofa if you’ve room, patterned tiles, and even more plants!

Break the rules with boho room decor

This natural style will never go out of fashion. It’s for the person who doesn´t like to conform and is a little unconventional. If this is you then why not try a home planner to make your existing decor more boho? Just pop a leather pouf or a bright area rug into the room scene to picture the final look. Not sure? Delete and try something new.

Boho room decor encourages you to sit down on low level seating, chill out on a bean bag or lounge on a floor pillow. To create a room that looks unplanned, but pulls together, select two or three key colors and work around these. Mix plain colors with patterns to balance the look. They don’t have to match or be in the same tones, the important thing is to layer to create visual interest.

Decorate the room with objects that remind you of vacations and happy times. Each one should tell a story and invite your guests to ask questions.

When you decorate the room, play around with locations. Put a plant on the floor, hang a rug on the wall, place piles of books on a coffee table, position a chair by a window – step out of the box!

Embrace boho wall decor

Create an aura of energy with boho wall decor. Hang all your favorite paintings, quotes and photographs together. They don’t have to match – the idea is to draw the eye and add interest to the room.

Wall hangings or tapestries in deep, rich colors or neutral macramé work well on a plain background. The wall color can be off-white or a deeper color to enhance the feel of the room.

Wallpaper is another way to inject interest. Emerald green or petrol blue can look fantastic on a feature wall and work as a base for the rest of the room.

Add a sense of mystery with colorful Moroccan wall lamps to evoke an ambiance of exotic and heady faraway lands.

Love boho chic decor

You don’t have to be an artist, musician, or poet to create the boho chic look in your home. Just do what feels right and follow your creative talents whether for living room ideas, the dining room or the bedroom. When you’re designing a room think about how the colors will contrast but not clash.

Boho chic decor includes natural materials, as a nod to the environment. Think rattan, carved wood, a hanging bamboo chair and animal skin rugs.

An outdoor porch or the yard is another place to include the boho chic easy living look. A hammock, colored rugs over outdoor sofas to keep the chill off at night, and mountains of pillows to relax on all add to the boho theme.

Complete the look with Moroccan style lanterns and candle holders to create a mystical atmosphere.

Boho home decor makes a house a home and fills it with beautiful things to conjure up images of distant lands and the romance, cultures and lives of another way of life. Forget the less is more philosophy. Boho decor is bold, striking and a balance of global styles.

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