Scandinavian decor ideas

Find inspiration from scandinavian images to start your project.
Scandinavian style has been making its way into our interiors for a few years now. Always at the heart of the trend, this style has become a classic in interior design. Deployed throughout a room, or in small touches, you can find Scandinavian decorating ideas among the creations of our community. Get inspired and create your project!

How to make a Scandinavian decoration? The palette of whites is declined in its entirety, from immaculate white to off-white to ecru, it can also be accompanied by neutral tones such as beiges or grays, more or less dark according to the desired intensity. In terms of materials, the natural prevails: wool, wood, fur, but also touches of leather and marble. Hanging lamps are stacked above the tables and floor lamps are positioned next to the sofas.

Finally, a cozy rug will finish to give warmth and softness to your room. The light wood can be used for the base of the furniture, the frames are visible and the feet are fine and delicate. This style is based above all on serenity and calm, so that you can enjoy every moment spent in your home.

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