Gorgeous farmhouse kitchen decor ideas

For an inspiring kitchen that combines practicality with that ‘homey’ feel, farmhouse kitchen decor is the perfect solution.
The farmhouse kitchen decor trend is taking the design world by storm. It's all about integrating the country look with other styles such as modern, French, classic or industrial.

What is farm kitchen decor?

The classic farm kitchen decor style presents a timeless beauty, evocative of working farm kitchens that were once a hive of activity. Today, this traditional style intersperses modern touches – metal lighting fixtures and faucets, bar stools at an island, and open shelves to create a unique look.

Farm kitchen decor gravitates toward easy living. Essential kitchen appliances like a dishwasher or a coffee machine sit comfortably alongside a traditional solid farmhouse table, butcher block countertops and wooden shelves and cabinets.

It’s essential to seek an aesthetic balance when combining two different styles. The secret is not to overdo it. For example, choose a base color, such as white or cream walls, and enhance it with warm doses of two or three colors using furniture and accessories.

Most modern farmhouse kitchens are wood-based and combine the authenticity of handcrafted pieces with modern touches. Open wood shelves display crockery and pots, a dresser showcases rustic kitchen accessories, a reclaimed wood island provides useful storage…

Farmhouse kitchen decor ideas for all kinds of kitchens

If you want to create a sophisticated and relaxed look in your kitchen then follow our farmhouse kitchen decor ideas. From the smallest kitchen to a large open-plan space, this theme speaks practical living.

  • Use focus lighting (pendants and spots in metal finishes) to highlight work areas and features
  • Light colored wood floors give a sense of spaciousness and create a seamless link between rooms.
  • Subtly introduce features from other styles to add decorative accents. Think brass faucets, copper piping, marble countertops, subway tiles, modern cabinets, and modern chandelier lighting.
  • Shiny black cabinets with iron handles create a unique contrast with wooden countertops.
  • A cement floor with a large rug enhances the contemporary look.
  • Wooden open shelves with contemporary metal supports interpret two styles.

Simple rustic farmhouse kitchen decor for a touch of the traditional

The beauty of this look is you don’t have to live in the country to create it. You can easily incorporate a few simple pieces into any rustic farmhouse kitchen decor scheme.

Reclaimed wood is the sustainable solution to modern living, and even the smallest decorative piece makes a statement. Salvage yards hide a wealth of bargains – old doors, window frames, flooring and other pieces of wood that tell a story. From wall cladding to flooring or statement decor pieces, reclaimed wood has a place in any farmhouse kitchen.

Other simple and timeless ideas are upcycled jars and boxes, wicker baskets, herbs in terracotta pots, wire storage, metal utensil holders, and copper pans on display.

Choose elegant and classic farmhouse kitchen wall decor

To complete the look, make a statement with a modern farmhouse kitchen wall decor.
Evoke the French farmhouse style by hanging rustic wooden cutting boards on a white or sunny yellow background. Or for a touch of depth, display mismatched plates in bold colors. Distressed wood frames ignite beautiful memories when filled with favorite photographs, especially on an exposed brick wall.

The farmhouse kitchen decor style works perfectly with so many current trends and contrasts the authentic with modern and practical to portray something totally unique.

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