Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse decor conjures up images of warm kitchens, cozy living rooms, comfortable bedrooms, florals, wooden features, and of course, the classic rocker on the porch.

What is farmhouse home decor?

Today’s farmhouse decor embraces the country vibe without being ‘kitsch’. It portrays the home many of us would like to create and symbolizes the perfect escape. This trend perfectly blends modern practicality with rustic style. But you don’t have to own a 17th century Cotswold cottage or a home in Provence to capture this style, it can suit any space.

Farmhouse decor makes a house a home. It subtly combines old and new without overdoing the old-fashioned ‘country’ theme. The style is airy and nostalgic and above all, inviting.

Colors range from browns, neutrals, creams, and whites to contrasting deeper reds and blues. Fabrics are thick and warm, and patterns are checked and tartan (forget chintzy florals). Materials include wood, brick, tiles with a splash of metallic to keep things up to date.
Flea markets and thrift stores are the perfect hunting ground for mismatched furniture and vintage pieces to achieve the farmhouse home decor look.

How to define modern farmhouse decor?

The modern farmhouse decor style blends country charm with modern elegance. Rustic farmhouse decorating ideas insert contemporary living into a natural environment.

Clever choices of furniture, color and accessories entwine the old and new to make both feel like they belong together.

The objective is to create a room that feels like it’s been there forever, whether a new build or a restoration project. Even adding a couple of rustic pieces to an existing modern interior will define this style.

Old farmhouse decor ideas

To help you get it right, we’ve put together a selection of farmhouse decor ideas to transform your home into a luxurious and welcoming retreat.

  • Kitchen – a farmhouse kitchen is the heart of the home. Reminiscent of days gone by, it lends itself to family get-togethers, afternoons spent baking, and the preparation of hearty meals.
    A solid farmhouse table is the focal point of any modern farmhouse kitchen. Complete the look with solid wood countertops, whitewashed or colored cabinets, wicker baskets, slate floor tiles, and a natural organic rug.
  • Living room – no modern farmhouse living room is complete without a log fire to spend lazy Sunday afternoons in front of. An alternative is a log or pellet burner, which will create the same snug effect. Exposed beams, reclaimed wooden flooring, and cool natural fabrics reflect the traditional country style.
    Stamp a modern touch on the space with colored couches, a glass coffee table, and contemporary lamps to subtly enhance the textures in the room.
  • Bedroom – the modern farmhouse bedroom is decorated in shades of cool blue, white, or beige. Layers of linens dress the bed, from cable-knit throws to checked blankets. Add interest and warmth with a wooden headboard, old trunk, vases of fresh flowers, and a patterned rug.
  • Bathroom – inspire your farmhouse bath time experience with a free-standing bathtub, white walls, simple accessories, and a Lloyd Loom chair. The farmhouse bathroom evokes a clean and tranquil space that’s been designed for comfortable living.
  • Reading nook – everyone should have a place to sit and read. A reading nook is easy to create in the smallest of homes and is perfect for a modern farmhouse style home. It lends itself to simple living and the days before technology became part of our everyday lives. Place a comfy chair in a well-lit corner of the living room or bedroom, design a window seat or hang a wicker chair on the porch.

How to capture the rustic farmhouse decor look on a budget

If saving money’s your priority there’s no need to compromise – it’s easy to create a chic rustic farmhouse look without overspending. Try these inspiring ideas:

  • repurpose dated wooden furniture by chalk painting and distressing it – this idea is great for tables, display cabinets, drawers, and mirror frames
  • go back to nature and collect twigs and branches to display in tall, elegant vases
  • cover sofas and chairs with throws and add piles of cushions
  • spray or paint glass jars to make candle holders
  • make a simple wooden headboard from reclaimed wood
  • if you can knit make your own pillow covers and throws

Farmhouse wall decor to add rustic accents

Farmhouse wall decor completes the look and is a great way to add traditional touches to your home. Why not try these ideas?

  • decorative plates are perfect for farmhouse wall decor and you can find them cheap in antique shops – display mismatched plates for interest
  • decorate a plain wreath with greenery from the garden
  • hang a chalkboard on the wall and fill it with chores or a special message
  • search salvage yards – door frames, windows, ironwork, barn doors all make fantastic statement pieces and make dramatic wall hangings

Even if you live in an apartment you can introduce rustic farmhouse decor ideas into any room. From gentle traditional touches to feature furniture pieces, it’s easy to define the farmhouse style in your home.

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