Farmhouse bedroom decor ideas to inspire you

We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, whether sleeping, reading, or relaxing. So, it makes sense to create a restful and peaceful sanctuary. Farmhouse bedroom decor does just this. The country's influence blends effortlessly with modern style to create a calm, soothing environment.

What’s the modern farmhouse bedroom decor style?

Modern farmhouse bedroom decor is all about complementing the natural look with modern accents. It offers a clean and homely feel and uses texture to add character to the room.

Inject the modern farmhouse feel with a coat of paint, new vintage-inspired bedlinen, metal and wood furniture, and a few farmhouse-style pillows. Exposed brickwork and reclaimed wood interspersed with wrought iron and steel lighting and accessories characterize the trend.

Whether you’re planning a major interior decoration project in your bedroom or just want to switch things up a bit, we’ve got plenty of inspiring ideas for you to try.

4 farmhouse bedroom decor ideas

Get inspired and follow these farmhouse bedroom decor ideas:

    1. There are no rules for the modern farmhouse color palette, but it’s often dominated by white and pale colors. Accents of brown and deep yellow, using natural materials such as wicker baskets, wooden nightstands, and wall hangings enhance the effect. In a more contemporary farmhouse bedroom, deeper colors create a warm, luxurious feel, reminiscent of wintry days and snuggling up under the duvet.
    2. From farmhouse master bedroom ideas to kids’ farmhouse-themed ideas, a feature bed has the wow factor. Typical farmhouse style beds are of solid wood but can come in many styles, from a platform bed, a bed with a headboard and footboard, to a four-poster. Investing in a new bed is worth it as a comfortable bed is so important for a good night’s rest. If you don’t want to replace the whole bed why not just get a new headboard.
    3. Classic bedlinen is essential for the farmhouse rustic bedroom. Choose colors that fit with the overall scheme, from soft naturals to deep tartan checks. And the hallmark of farmhouse bedroom ideas is layered bedding. Select throws, cushions, and quilts to make the bed the focal point of the room.
    4. The furniture and accessories are the final touches. Combine warm wood with fabric chairs, mix and match wooden and ironwork nightstands, and add vintage pictures, vases, and mirrors.
Large farmhouse bedroom

Large bedroom with a farmhouse touch

Display farmhouse bedroom wall decor

Farmhouse bedroom wall decor is an instant way to transform a plain room into a spectacular space. Cover a feature wall with reclaimed wood to add a warm touch and celebrate the craftsmanship of days gone by.

If you can’t afford real wood, try wood effect wallpaper – you almost won’t know the difference.
To give character and liven up the walls add rustic art, farmhouse photos, and wooden word signs.

Wreaths, either floral or made from foliage and twigs also add the homey touch and can be changed to suit the season.
Old window frames are perfect to create a stunning wall display. You can sand and paint them to make them look authentic.

Metallic farmhouse wall sconces look fantastic and create mood and atmosphere to complete the farmhouse bedroom look.

If you’re starting from scratch it’d be a good idea to use our 3D planner to help you envisage how your farmhouse bedroom will look. You can select and place colors, finishes, and furniture without having to make a single change until you’ve created something you love. Set the interior designer inside you free and get creative!

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