How to create a cozy farmhouse living room?

Imagine an idyllic cozy farmhouse living room to relax in at the end of the day. Deep comfortable couches, soft throws, plump cushions and a profusion of plants and decor all reflect this country-inspired look.
Are you thinking of remodeling or refreshing your living room? The modern farmhouse look is trending now and is so easy to create. Think charming country artefacts blended with contemporary furniture injected with creative touches of sophistication.

How to create a modern farmhouse living room?

The modern farmhouse living room is a room to rest, watch TV, entertain, or just chill. We spend a lot of time in our living rooms so it’s important to create an inspiring style.

An inviting farmhouse living room ties in neutral tones with pops of subtle color to lift the ambiance. Natural fabrics adorn the couches and chairs, and plants and rugs pull everything together.

The focus of the room may be a modern farmhouse stone fireplace or a more traditional one – both work if they achieve harmony with the rest of the decor and furnishings.

Natural light and crisp, clean lines combine with vintage features such as a wooden coffee table, rattan chairs and checkered foot stools.

Farmhouse living room ideas for every taste

Whether you prefer the contemporary, classic, or traditional style, there are plenty of farmhouse living room ideas to fuse with each. The secret is to balance the two styles and add contrast without overcrowding.

The charm of a rustic farmhouse living room lies in the simplicity of the decor, and its ability to combine modern living with traditional style.

Try a feature industrial light to cast a warm glow over the room. Modern lamp bases also work well and draw the feeling away from an overdone country look.

Chalk painted wood paneling in soft farmhouse paint colors creates a cozy yet spacious environment.
Even an ultra-modern TV can be toned down by placing it on a rustic wood cabinet. Add a plant and a tray of candles and you’ve got a farmhouse-style entertainment area.

What’s typical farmhouse living room furniture?

Farmhouse furniture shouts nostalgia and comfort. It includes rustic antiques, large couches in neutral colors, and distressed wood coffee tables. Typical accessories include chalk painted picture frames, wooden candlesticks, terracotta vases and soft lamps.

Distressed wood complements the farmhouse style, and carefully restored window frames are perfect to hang on the wall or above a fireplace.

To create a unique look, use an old wooden trunk as an alternative to the traditional coffee table. Search garage sales and thrift stores for vintage finds. This also makes ideal storage to keep clutter out of sight.

Create a farmhouse family room

Let’s bring back the days when we spent time together as a family. The trick is to make a farmhouse family room inviting and a place people want to spend time in, whether watching TV together, playing board games (not computer games!) or just simply engaging in the old-fashioned art of chatting.

Seating should be relaxed and comfortable and avoid couches that match the chairs, or the room will resemble a formal showroom. If you want to encourage communication rather than staring at a screen make the fireplace or a couple of inexpensive farmhouse end tables the focal point of the room, not the TV. Placing couches opposite each other, rather than at an angle also works. Add a large pouf and some farmhouse pillows – perfect for kids and teens to lounge on.

There’s no clutter in a farmhouse living room, just a sense of peace and tranquility to encourage relaxation. (And not a decorative farmhouse chicken to be seen!)

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