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Looking for home decor ideas for the living room?

The living room is the focal point of the home, and these home decor ideas for the living room will help you create a living room you’ll love spending time in. You don´t have to be an interior designer to refresh or remodel your living room. With the help of the HomeByMe 3D app, you can try out your design idea before you make changes.

Start with the color scheme. Do you want to make your living room feel spacious and uncluttered or warm and cozy? Neutral walls, rugs, and upholstery create a soothing base palette, which you can liven up with pops of color. Soft hues make the most of natural light while accessories in a bold color add interest. Add a dramatic vase of flowers on a side table, an interesting light fixture, and large coffee table books to create focal points.

Consider fabrics and textures in your living room decorating ideas. Natural wood adds warmth and depth, and focal area rugs, throws, and pillows are versatile pieces you can change depending on the season.

Add visual interest with these living room wall decor ideas

A gallery wall of your favorite prints or photographs makes a statement and makes the living area unique. Be brave and mix shapes and frames for an eclectic look that reflects your personality and decorating ideas.

If you’re an art lover you can make a dramatic statement with a single, enormous framed picture or several hung close together from one collection.

Wall decor doesn’t just have to be about pictures. An antique farmhouse door, a Mediterranean shutter, an empty gilt frame, or a metallic piece of modern art can really upgrade the room. Wall clocks are another key piece in living room wall decor ideas. Hang an extra-large clock on a plain wall, or for an international theme place several world time clocks together.

Hats are always a great way to accent a wall – why keep them in the hall or bedroom?

For a global theme display souvenirs from your travels on the living room walls. African masks, Indonesian paintings, Japanese fans, Caribbean fish, a world map… get creative.

Wall decor is also about the colors you choose. Combine a neutral color scheme with a dark or bright accent wall to create a contrast.
The TV often forms part of the wall decor these days and frees up space in the living room. Suspend the TV above a fireplace as a focal point or in an alcove if you prefer to keep it more subtle.

Easy small living room decorating ideas to transform a room

Try out your living room designer skills in a small living room. Make the most of the space with careful positioning of furniture, neutral colors, and minimal clutter.

Choose smaller furniture for a small space – 2-seater couches, an extending coffee table, and wall shelving. Keep things tidy with plenty of storage space – use decorative boxes and baskets in a bright color to hide knick-knacks and provide texture.

Mirrors are a perfect solution for small living room decorating ideas and can make a room feel much larger. Position a mirror opposite a window to maximize the light and make the room feel more spacious.
Cleverly positioned lights also make a small living room appear bigger. Light up dark corners and install wall lights to illuminate the area.

With some careful planning and your creativity you can turn the living room into a functional and comfortable space. Explore the HomeByMe magazine for plenty of inspirational ideas whether your living room’s small or large, modern, rustic, glam or traditional. With the right choice of color, furniture and accessories you can turn a plain living room into a delightful relaxing space.

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