Home decoration: Inspirational Living room ideas

Whatever your favorite style is, we’ve got plenty of living room ideas to help you redesign your living room. From furniture to color to decor style – if you’re looking for inspirational living room ideas read on…

Style up with these living room decor ideas

Your living room decor ideas should create a cozy inviting environment. The living room is a place to relax with friends and family, chill out and unwind.

A modern living room gives a sense of calm, with clean lines, original modern furniture, and a focused color scheme. Any color works in the contemporary living room, from navy blue living room decorating ideas with contrasting pale sofas to cream walls and black leather sofas.

The living room is also a family room, so modern living room ideas should include a chill-out area with bean bags, pillows, and a central coffee table.

Glam living room with touches of blue and gold and black and white paintings

A glam living room with touches of navy blue and gold.

Living room paint ideas

Express yourself with your choice of modern living room paint ideas. 

If you love the bold look go monochrome and create a dramatic space. Any color works, as long as you plan the furniture and accessories to complement the look. Want to try out your ideas in virtual form first? A 3D home planner can help you visualize the final result.

If you’re passionate about the contemporary look then creams, browns and neutrals meld together to give a natural, refreshing ambiance. Place striking vases or plants as modern end table decor to keep the color flow natural.

When your living room doubles up as a family room don´t forget to use paint you can easily wipe down to get rid of those little handprints that are inevitable if you’ve got kids!

modern white and brown living room with touches of yellow and blue and a big painting on the wall

A modern living room with touches of brown and yellow.

Great living room wall decor ideas

A gallery wall is one of our favorite living room wall decor ideas and a great way to display all your family photos. Wall galleries also add interest if you mix and match frames and textures.

If you love to make a statement modern living room design has to include a breath-taking picture. Either choose a piece of stunning wall art for the contemporary living room, or a more traditional print if you prefer something a little less bold.

The key to eye-catching living room wall decor is to mix things up and play with patterns and colors.

Living room furniture ideas to add interest

As a focal room, living room furniture ideas have to be functional and coherent. 

The contemporary living room/dining room is the perfect room to play with different materials. Try a glass dining table with wooden chairs, a leather sofa, and a mid-century style coffee table… get creative!

Family room decor ideas include bookshelves (yes some of us still read books!), ottomans to put your feet up (great for extra seating too), and plenty of pillows to lounge on. For chilly nights throws and blankets are perfect to snuggle up under, and their colors can elevate the room.

Glass coffee table ideas step up modern living room decor. Create visual interest with an exotic plant or a single oversized candle. Modern end table decor is another way to display your favorite vase or plant and add a pop of color to the scheme.

White modern living room made on homebyme with a big white sofa

A white modern living room.

Need some small living room ideas?

No matter how small your living room, its decor can still create the wow factor. Shape your small living room into a space with character – take a look at our small living room ideas. 

Painting the walls white makes the room feel larger and is also a great modern living room idea.

Be clever with the space and keep furniture in proportion and minimal. Symmetry creates balance – two sofas facing each other enhance the modern contemporary living room and remove the need for additional seating.

Interesting accents draw the eye such as brass lamps, a modern vase, and a stunning wall hanging. Extend this to family room ideas with a wall gallery of family photos to draw the eye away from the lack of space.

Another secret for small living rooms is the clever use of light. Large mirrors reflect light, especially if hung opposite a window. Allow natural light to stream in and hang sheer window drapes – forget dark heavy fabrics. And floor lamp ideas for a small living room include simple, angular lamps that highlight dark corners.    

Choosing the right decor and furniture for your living room is fun, whether you’re remodeling or just want to add a few pieces to upgrade.

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