A stunning mid-century modern dining room on a budget

We’ve got some exciting dining room ideas even if you’ve only got a small decor budget.

Guests will love your fabulous mid-century modern dining room and they needn´t know you did it cheaply! The ‘modern meets traditional’ dining room is a blank canvas just waiting for your creative eye. 

How to make your mid-century modern dining room look luxurious for less?

You don´t have to dive into your savings to create a dining room that’s big on style and small on budget. The trick is to build the room slowly and keep an eye out for bargains. The mid-century modern dining room is the perfect backdrop for a mix of thrift store bargains and a few quality pieces.

Even if your budget is limited, there’s no need to skimp on style. The mid-century look combines plain neutral colors with simple straight lines. Nothing is ostentatious or over the top.

Small mid century modern dining room with neutral colors

Small Mid-century-modern dining room with neutral colors.

Warm up your mid-century modern dining area

Make this space a special room, where you can entertain, eat family dinners, or dine alone. 

Mid-century modern dining areas are spacious and clutter-free. A raised leg cabinet is perfect for storing drinks, placemats, and cutlery, and keeps everything out of sight. Warm wood symbolizes this style and add a touch of elegance. Team a simple round dining table with contrasting chairs to lift the theme. Tapered leg chairs with curved backs are reminiscent of this era and are easy to find at auctions or garage sales.  Lay a geometric rug or bold-patterned rug to center the effect and bring the look up to date. You can often find these in flea markets and bartering means you won´t break the bank.

Feature lighting will give the room a soft glow. Choose an inexpensive lamp or wall sconces and hang pendant lights above a vintage mid-century modern dining table. You can pick up a selection of pendants cheaply at home stores – why not try contrasting shades?

Glam things up a little with an oval or round wooden framed mirror – perfect to reflect the light if your mid-century modern dining room is small.

Mid-Century-Modern dining room with pendants

Mid-Century-Modern dining room with pendants.

Mid-century modern dining table decor – keep it simple

For dinner parties table design is all about simplicity and the natural look. Bamboo place mats and coasters are cheap and will look magnificent enhanced with your best dinner service. Use plain plates and crockery to keep the minimalist look.

And when the party’s over, a single ceramic bowl or a colored glass vase in the center of the table adds style and dimension and doesn´t have to be expensive. 

Mid-century modern dining table decor is welcoming and far from the formal dining rooms of the past. A dramatic plant in a terracotta pot is a great way to affordably refresh the room with minimal fuss.

Glass tables are ideal to open up the dining space and look stunning decorated with gold or brass candlesticks.

Why settle for plain decor? Be bold in the mid-century dining room

Whilst keeping things simple, a bold statement wall in geometric wallpaper or a plain wall with a large contemporary wall hanging works to pull the room together. Keep the color palette to neutral colors to avoid overwhelming the space. Look out for cheap artwork at thrift stores and markets, you’ll be amazed at what you can pick up for a snip and nobody will know they’re not originals!

Large Mid-Century-Modern dining room

Large Mid-Century-Modern dining room.

This style overflows with fond memories of the mid-twentieth century combined with today’s modern living. Keep things minimalistic and spacious while accessorizing with different textures. With so many options, how will you decorate your mid-century modern dining room?

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