Mid-century Modern Style

This authentic style reflects the charm and simplicity of the architecture and home decor of the 1950s and ‘60s. It’s making a comeback and is perfect to give character to any room in your home. Mid-century modern decor is everywhere, and we can’t get enough of it.

What is mid-century modern decor and why do we love it?

This classic trend is a throwback to when home design was simple and functional. Mid-century modern decor favors open spaces, straight or geometric lines, lots of wood, and no clutter.

One reason this eclectic style has earned its place in modern decor is thanks to the TV show Mad Men. Set in the 1960s, Mad Men interior design featured a combination of Scandinavian-influenced design and vintage furniture so popular in the ‘50s and ‘60s.

The colors that represent this era are neutral (caramel, mocha, beige, cream, black, gray) with pops of brighter colors adding visual texture. These enhancing colors are cheerful and invoke the feeling of optimism experienced at the end of the war years. Natural colors also play a part, with earthy orange and green tones adding a touch of nature.

Large windows and natural light are the focal point of the room, and carefully placed plants and greenery bring the outdoors in.

Mid-century decor furniture – sleek and simple

Original classic designs like the Eames chair or the Egg chair will give any room a timeless twist. But mid-century decor furniture can be expensive due to its popularity. Search garage sales and thrift stores for cheaper replicas to create this style.

If you’re obsessed with this look and are searching for mid-century decor on a budget, your parents or grandparents are likely to have a few examples hidden away. Whether or not they’ll let you get your hands on their mid-century modern living room furniture is a different matter!

Look out for kidney-shaped mid-century modern coffee tables, teak dining tables and chairs, floor lamps, animal skin rugs, glass side tables, wooden sideboards, vintage mid-century side tables, and macramé plant holders (which must contain a spider plant!).

Mix up your mid-century home decor

The key to this style is to create an up-to-date look that shouts modern, rather than old-fashioned. But don’t overfill the room with mid-century home decor. Instead use classic pieces as a backdrop to other styles.

A classic piece to add warmth and depth is the mid-century modern decor leather sectional sofa. Its effortless design blends into the room, rather than becoming the focal point. Add a matching leather pouf and a nest of tables for a simple, relaxed feel. A glass coffee table delivers a modern element to the room and should display only a couple of items –candles, books, or a plant.

Let’s not forget the mid-century sideboard. The traditional design has drawers, doors, and a built-in drinks cabinet. It’s made of wood and will look incredible styled with a couple of simple but modern accessories like a single bloom in a vase or a metal sculpture.

A platform bed is another hallmark of the mid-century decor style. Either with storage underneath or set on raised legs, these low-slung wood-framed beds can showcase modern, colorful bedding and bright pillows with geometric patterns. And for ultimate comfort, an upholstered headboard warms the room and gives a sense of luxury.

Add a sheepskin rug, a sunburst mirror, and a pair of modern nightstand lamps and you’ve got this style nailed.

The ultimate mid-century wall decor

Plain and simple pastel and neutral colors define this style. But mid-century wall decor is never boring. To make a statement why not paint or wallpaper an accent wall? Use bold geometrics, swirls, and curves or repeating patterns to add impact. Tying a plain or patterned rug into the wall color works beautifully to balance the look.

Another mid-century makeover idea is wooden wall cladding or a wooden panel ceiling. Soften the sleek lines of the wood with a contemporary chandelier or downlights to add a distinct modern feel.
And no modern mid-century room is complete without a touch of pop art wall decor. Mid-century wall decor is bold and eye-catching. One of the most famous pieces of artwork from this era is Andy Warhol’s image of the Campbell’s Soup Cans. Repetition and strong colors reign, in a design that’s been popular for years.

When it comes to classic mid-century wall decor, colorful frameless prints, dark wood mirrors with curved frames, and sunburst mirrors all enrich the space. Large pieces of graphic art, geometric prints, and abstract paintings will also provide a dramatic contrast with neutral walls.

These mid-century modern decorating ideas create fusion between functionality and simplistic style and are easy to replicate. The charm of this look lies in the unfussy decor that combines the beauty of the past with a modern style.

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