Decor ideas for a trendy mid-century modern living room

White Mid-Century-Modern living room
If you’re an interior design enthusiast, you’ll love the mid-century modern style.

 And what better place to try out your design skills than your living room? This style established itself in the ‘50s and ‘60s and remains a favorite today.

What are the basics of a stunning mid-century modern style living room?

This style is all about minimalism combined with iconic features to create a warm and relaxing environment. Mid-century modern style living room furniture is simple, sleek, and elegant. Iconic chairs, wooden-legged tables, and cabinets sit comfortably alongside modern accents for an inspirational look.

Wood dominates mid-century modern furniture, with soft curved lines and warm colors to give timeless appeal.

Colors are soft and neutral, and nature dominates. The mid-century modern style living room features tones of gray, brown, and off-white, balanced with copper, brass, and warm wood touches.

Whether you want to go full-on mid-century modern, or just add a hint of this style with a singular retro piece, this design is easy to create whether your home’s old or new.

Mid-century-modern living room with neutral colors

Mid-Century-Modern living room with neutral colors.

How to decorate a living room in the mid-century modern style?

To make the room feel casual and cozy the mid-century modern color palette includes calming tones in shades of brown, camel, and beige. This soothing color palette gives a sense of relaxation and can be enhanced with pops of darker feature colors, like mustard, turquoise, or avocado green to liven up the vibe. 

The classic Eames chair is symbolic of this era and will sit effortlessly alongside a plain neutral sofa. Add large cushions and throws in splashes of color to lift the look and draw the eye.

Nests of tables, large leather poufs, and glass coffee tables with wooden legs all add an eclectic effect and stand out as features. 

A large geometric or jute rug are signature elements of this style and work to give the room balance. 

Mid-Century-Modern living room with bold colors

Mid-Century-Modern living room with bold colors

How to decorate a living room mid-century modern style

If you want your mid-century living modern living room to make a statement, then consider adding a couple of iconic pieces as a talking point.

  • A sunburst mirror or clock will draw the eye to a plain wall. As will galleries of simple prints in bursts of color.
  • A cocktail cabinet on tapered wooden legs is a perfect feature – essential for serving martinis to your guests. 
  • Enhance the look with a stunning chandelier – modern style of course!

Don’t overdo the accessories when you decorate a living room. The secret is to avoid clutter and keep things simple.

Mid-Century-Modern Living room with wooden furniture

Mid-Century-Modern living room with wooden furniture.

Where can I find mid-century living room decor?

From garage sales to thrift shops and flea markets, you can find original nostalgic pieces to replicas to decorate your living room. The trick is to search for bargains, picture them as features in your mid-century living room and select extraordinary designs.

Online stores are also a good place to seek out unique mid-century living room decor, and many sell replicas, so you don’t have to break the bank.

How to create a living room design mid-century modern look?

This stylish look is versatile and fits with any living room that features clean cool lines and a simplistic feel. 

For living room design mid-century modern style, start by reviewing your current living room and remove anything fussy or frilly or it will clash with the gentle elegance of this look. You could then use a 3D planner to try out different ideas and see how your mid-century modern living room will look after you’ve remodeled it. 

Balance shapes and the lines of the room should all merge effortlessly. Just adding a teak coffee table, an oversized mid-century modern chair or a vintage floor lamp can completely change the feel of the room.

Simple mid-century-modern living room

Simple mid-century-modern living room with an oversized chair.

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