The best design ideas for a mid-century modern bathroom

Every home decor enthusiast wants to keep up with the latest trends and the mid-century modern bathroom is one not to miss.

Vintage pieces from the ‘50s and ‘60s merge with contemporary features to create a stunning, authentic look.

Addicted to mid-century modern bathroom ideas?

Space and simple straight lines dominate the mid-century style. It conjures up images of a time when life was less cluttered.

The vintage mid-century modern bathroom uses a combination of materials – glass, wood, and ceramic, for a natural look. Enormous windows that let the light stream in and wooden furniture are evocative of this era.

For design inspiration take a look at our mid-century modern bathroom ideas and why not try decorating your bathroom in this style?

Mid century bathroom with a large window

Mid Century Modern bathroom with a large window.

How to create a mid-century bathroom with a twist

Turn your bathroom into a nostalgic haven of tranquility where you can forget the stresses and strains of daily life. Set the mood with a neutral color scheme using warm browns, whites and grays. Want to liven things up a bit? Geometric tiles and a patterned rug will lift the palette and inject pops of color into your mid-century bathroom.

An accent wall or original mid-century bathroom tiles in emerald green or light blue offer character. But don´t go too bright, mid-century is all about simple elegance.

Wood paneling is so 1960s so why not add a modern, environmentally friendly touch by cladding a wall or the ceiling with reclaimed wood?

Wood is one of the key elements of this style, so where better to use it in the mid-century bathroom than with a gorgeous, traditional wooden vanity? Elevate the contrast with white subway tiles to pull the look together.

A simple mid-century small bathroom idea is to install a glass shower screen to create a sense of spaciousness, as the bathroom is often the smallest room in the house.

Mid Century modern bathroom in a master bedroom

Master bedroom with a mid century modern bathroom.

Get inspired with mid-century modern bathroom lighting

A major feature of any bathroom is the lighting. Pendant lights and wall sconces add dimension and are integral to the overall design of the classic mid-century theme.

Install lights next to the vanity for practicality, and for a hint of individuality place a pendant in the center of the bathroom for classic mid-century modern bathroom lighting.

Natural lighting plays a big part in this look, so if privacy isn´t an issue leave bathroom windows uncovered to create visual stimulation. If you’re lucky enough to have a fantastic view, why hide it? And if not, use plants to add life and a touch of nature.

The mid-century modern small bathroom has to make the most of natural light. A skylight is the perfect solution – it makes the room feel bigger and creates a unique feature. Picture yourself lying in the bath looking up at the stars and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without a skylight!

Want some mid-century modern bathroom mirror ideas?

Use a mid-century modern bathroom mirror to reflect the light – nothing fancy – simple wooden, natural, or metal frames fit this style. To break up the linear effect use curved frames to soften the look.

Brighten up a plain tiled wall with a sunburst mirror to steal the show. The sophisticated splashes of gold will look fantastic on a vintage blue-tiled background.

If you’re passionate about travel and the beach look then hang a rattan-framed mirror to evoke memories of days in the sun.

Remember asymmetrical mirrors? A floor-length one will make sure you look your best and make a statement in your mid-century modern bathroom.

Mid century bathroom with a dressing table

Mid Century Modern bathroom with a dressing table.

Make your house a home and add a modern take to this eclectic style – it’s here to stay!

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