5 bathroom decor ideas to refresh your home!

Spring is here, and it’s the perfect time to breathe new life into your home decor.

Take advantage of the natural burst of energy that comes with the new season to refresh the parts of your living space that are often neglected throughout the year: including the bathroom. One of the most functional rooms in any home, the bathroom is often the last part of our house we think of decorating. It may not feel as important as your bedroom or the living room, but a tasteful bathroom ties a beautiful home together. Don’t forget: even the smallest spaces are an opportunity to express your personal style.

With that in mind, here are five bathroom decor ideas to get you started!

Small bathroom decor ideas

Don’t let a cramped space cramp your style. Even though the square footage between the bathroom’s main fixtures may be limited, you can always add a personal touch with a few simple updates. 

One of the easiest small bathroom decor ideas is to upgrade your shower curtain with an eye-catching print or an interesting texture, for example, and pair it with a bathroom rug in the same theme. These two pieces alone are a simple, cost-effective way to make a small bathroom feel more luxurious. Keep accessories pared down, however. 

Small spaces are easily overwhelmed if you add too many decor items, which may make the space feel cluttered. Instead, select a few, functional accessories – like toothbrush holders or glassware on the sink to organize your essentials – that tie in with the main theme created by the shower curtain and bath mat.

Modern minimalist bathroom with a white brick wall

White modern bathroom with a brick wall.

Bathroom wall decor ideas

The bathroom is a great place to display your more off-beat posters or artwork. It’s an unexpected twist to an otherwise predictable room. Just make sure to use a glass frame to protect these pieces from the water and humidity. 

You can choose to continue the same color scheme as the rest of your home, or intentionally create contrast for a light-hearted twist. Other bathroom wall decor ideas that can help spruce up an otherwise blank space include a painted bathroom accent wall, hanging a few low-maintenance plants (if you have a bathroom window), or getting creative with shelving. Shelves also have the advantage of creating more storage space – something every bathroom needs. Add decorative baskets to store your spare towels for a spa-inspired look.

modern bathroom with a green wall, wooden furnitures and plants

Modern small bathroom with touches of green.

Black and white bath decor ideas

Unless you’re planning extensive renovations, you’ll need to work with the color scheme that’s already present in your bathroom’s main fixtures and floor. 

If you have black and white tiles to complement your white porcelain fixtures, play up the classic look with black and white bathroom wall decor ideas. Retro prints in black or white frames, for example, are always stylish bath decor ideas

Continue the black and white theme in your shower curtain and bath mat for a simple, clean aesthetic or use these textiles to add a pop of color in a minimalist space. A colorful accent wall is also a fun, cost-effective way to break up a monotonous color scheme.

black and white contemporary bathroom with a bathtub in the middle and golden furnitures

Contemporary bathroom.

WC and restroom decor ideas

If your home includes a half-bath or WC, you can use this tiny space to make an unexpected statement. Turn one of the walls into a gallery wall, for example, or choose one, high-impact artwork to showcase here. Keep the rest of the restroom decor minimal, however – busy wallpaper can quickly feel overwhelming, while too many textiles, like a rug and toilet seat cover, can seem especially kitschy in such a small space. 

black and white contemporary bathroom

Black et white modern bathroom.

Use a 3D modelling program to get started

As with all home decor projects, the right tools make all the difference. To preview your design ideas or for help visualizing them in 3D, try out HomeByMe’s free, online 3D software before making any purchases. It’s a simple and fun way to try out different styles and create the perfect bathroom decor. You can also browse the Home By Me website for inspiration from other users. 

Once you have a plan, it’s time to shop for your perfect accessories and start decorating. Refreshing your bathroom decor is an easy weekend project that can make a functional space feel brand new. 

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