Get the 5 best bedroom decor ideas for 2021!

If you want to create a bedroom where you’ll have the sweetest dreams, then we’ll tell you all about the 5 best bedroom decor ideas for 2021.

This year’s bedrooms are cozy and modern, with an emphasis on soothing colors to calm and relax you. Take a look at these bedroom decor ideas and start redesigning your sanctuary.

The bedroom decor ideas that are IN this year!

Your bedroom is a mirror image of your personality… Is your style cool and contemporary or country floral? The latest bedroom decor ideas for 2021 highlight the natural look and center on modern simplicity.

  1.     Modern elegance

Modern bedroom designs are light and airy. Inspired by cool colors and warm wood, modern bedroom ideas include the ‘less is more’ concept. For modern bedroom inspiration opt for a platform bed, plain bedding in a single color, a neutral rug, and soft accent lighting.  

  1.     Cozy comfort

You’ll want to stay in bed all day when you’ve finished designing your cozy bedroom. Wood furniture, flooring, and wall cladding help create a cozy feel, and reclaimed wood adds a sense of timelessness. Bedside table decor items include vases of flowers, candles, and simple lamps (which no longer have to match). And the absolute must-have bedlinen? Knitted blankets – so snugly!

Cosy Bedroom

Cosy bedroom.

  1.     Contemporary chic

There’s nothing like a sleek and stylish bedroom to remind you of your last hotel stay. Contemporary bedroom decor ideas use bold colors, clean lines, and sophisticated elements to create an inviting space. Keep things simple, with classic furniture pieces that make an elegant statement in your contemporary bedroom design. To tie the theme together, introduce colored pillows, large bedside lamps, and lush fabric drapes in the same tones.

Contemporary bedroom

Contemporary bedroom.

  1.     Country cottage

If you love florals and pretty things, then country room decoration ideas are for you. Country bedroom ideas are easy with floral fabrics, pastel rugs, white or weathered wood furniture, and a wrought iron bed. And table lamp ideas for the bedroom can add a modern twist with country style colored or floral shades on metal lampstands.

  1.     Beach vibes

If you’ve not taken a holiday for a while (and who has?) then this year’s popular beach bedroom theme is the way to evoke happy memories of days in the sun. Inspired by coastal scenes and rocky shores, the beachy bedroom encompasses distressed wood, natural elements such as bamboo and seagrass and fish, shell, and seahorse accessories.

Coastal bedroom

Coastal bedroom.

Master bedroom decor ideas to create a heavenly space

Whether you share your bedroom or not, the main bedroom is the perfect space to try out your master bedroom decor ideas. Why not mix up a selection of the 2021 master bedroom trends to suit your taste? A 3D planner is a great tool if you want to ‘try before you buy’.

Save space with these small bedroom decorating ideas

Make the most of a small bedroom, whether you love the cozy look or prefer something more modern. Small bedroom decorating ideas can be big on style if you plan carefully.

Keep things to scale – install built-in closets, hang small pictures and use shelves to display all your beautiful things.

Use a chair or stool as small side table decorating ideas to display accessories and wall sconces instead of bedside lamps will leave room for your bedside reading.

Small mid-century-modern bedroom

Small mid-century-modern bedroom

What are the on-trend bed decor ideas?

As living spaces become smaller, efficient storage is essential, especially when planning bedroom decor ideas. Multi-functional beds are influencing bed decor ideas in 2021, either as platform beds with storage drawers or canopy beds that lift up and have an amazing amount of storage space underneath.

And the more bed linen the better, to create layers of color and texture. Matching bed linen is no longer a thing. Instead, anything goes, from leopard print blankets to tartan throws or a plain and simple Scandi style duvet cover.

A good night’s sleep goes hand in hand with a beautifully decorated bedroom – how will you design your oasis?

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