Ideas for a serene, simple minimalist bathroom

How do you style a minimalist bathroom? Clutter is kept to a minimum and cool clean lines give definition. The minimalist look is crisp and modern and makes the most of bathroom space while delivering a calm aesthetic.

What is minimalist bathroom decor? 

The beauty of minimal bathrooms is their simplicity. Minimalist bathroom decor showcases the bathroom and gives it an edgy vibe. 

The use of monotone colors enhanced with different textures make the space feel open and light. The interior design style that influences a minimalist bathroom is the skillful use of color to make the room seem inviting, despite the cool clean lines.

Whilst simple, this decor style dares to be different, with the addition of a dramatic colored accent wall, bold lighting fixtures or a floating vanity to inject the minimalist look. 

Minimalist bathroom design adds refined detail to a plain bathroom through the cohesive use of different decor elements.

Minimalist bathroom ideas to streamline your bathroom

The secret to streamlining your bathroom is to keep things simple. Cosmetics and creams are tidied neatly away in baskets or cabinets, keeping the functional basics within reach.

A popular way to design bathrooms in this style is to use a plain subway tile as a backdrop. These can be white or colored and add texture and interest to the walls. White subway tiled bathrooms don´t have to be boring – try placing the tiles at an angle or using different colors.

When incorporating minimalist bathroom ideas, play with features to create a focal point. Have you always dreamed of a dramatic freestanding bathtub or a walk-in glass shower? Why not employ the help of a design app to experiment with designs and layouts?

For the ultimate minimalist styled bathroom choose colors that reflect the light and make the space seem bigger. Black and white work well and give variation to a plain white bathroom while providing a sense of cleanliness and order.

Introduce a touch of nature with a dramatic plant and natural wooden cabinets to keep things fresh looking. A built-in wooden alcove also creates extra space for a simple plant or an expensive bottle of bubble bath you want to show off.

black and white minimalist bathroom

Minimalist styled bathroom with a dramatic freestanding bathtub and a walk-in glass shower.

How to design a modern minimalist bathroom? 

To create a modern minimalist bathroom that projects a sense of calm consider the space you have to work with, functionality and aesthetics.

Spaciousness is key to this decor style. An ultra-modern floating sink is both practical and an eye-catching addition to modern bathrooms.

If you’re short of storage, consider whether you could build in a nook to display a pile of fluffy towels or add cabinets to keep toiletries out of sight. 

Make use of natural light and only hang window dressings if you need privacy. A large mirror with a wooden or metal frame will reflect light and give visual impact too.

Minimalist interiors are sophisticated and chic and make clever use of texture to enhance the space. Marble, wood and concrete are all a stylish choice in minimal bathrooms and provide personality to what can be a sparse look. 

For a large, opulent minimalist bathroom a sunken tub is the ultimate luxurious statement. Set next to a large window with a fantastic view, this is the bathroom dreams are made of. 

Lighting completes the look, with a focal pendant light and spotlights or wall sconces to add character to the space.

Accessories such as towel ladders, glass shelves and a striking chrome wall radiator bring an injection of interest to the ambiance without adding unnecessary clutter.

black and white minimalist bathroom

Creme minimalist bathroom with a floating sink.

Why not try out your creativity and get started on your modern minimal bathroom design?

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