6 ideas to design a dreamy Mid-Century Modern bedroom

A mid-century modern bedroom with a bay window
Your bedroom’s the one place you can be yourself. It’s a space to relax in, spend time alone or with your partner, and of course sleep. If you want to create a sanctuary that reflects your personality, why not follow our tips on how to decorate a bedroom mid-century modern style?

1. How to master the mid-century bedroom look

There’s something about the mid-century bedroom that projects a sense of comfort. The mid-century color scheme mixed with a clutter-free design makes for a calm and relaxing space. Keep the walls pale and interesting, with neutral colors that won´t detract from the sleek and simple look.

Feature lighting, warm wood, a platform bed, and an accent wall for interest are at the heart of this home decor revival.  Accentuate white walls with modern art and colorful prints to make a statement.

2. Hunt for bargain mid-century modern bedroom furniture

From wooden nightstands on raised legs to time-worn vanities and classic light fixtures, garage sales are another great source of cheap mid-century bedroom furniture from this era. But don´t overfill your bedroom with unnecessary clutter – the look embraces minimalism and the maximizing of space.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to embrace this style. If you’re creating a mid-century modern bedroom on a budget, you’ll discover some amazing finds in thrift stores.  

3. Maintain the classic mid-century modern bedroom set

Throw in a couple of traditional mid-century modern bedroom set pieces to enhance this minimalist style. An Eames chair would look perfectly set in a corner, but please don’t dump your clothes on it! This classic chair deserves to be the focus of the room.

A minimalist bed frame, with a fabric or wooden headboard and soft, plain bedlinen enhances the look. Forget fussy prints and patterns – mid-century is all about chic simplicity.

4. Natural bedroom ideas for a good night’s rest

Wood finishes, sunlight, and plants evoke a feeling of calm in this style. Inject earthy tones with shades of green, rust, yellow, and brown into your bedroom ideas to create depth.

If your home was designed in this era, you’ll be lucky enough to have large picture windows that give plenty of natural light. Keep curtains minimal in pale shades and invite the outdoors in. 

For a simple touch of color add a throw to the bed and use single color pillow covers to keep things toned down.

5. Spice things up with a bold rug

A statement rug in a geometric pattern will liven up your mid-century modern bedroom without being overpowering. Choose darker shades of the room’s base color to add texture.

Alternatively, if you have a natural wooden floor why not place a neutral-colored rug to balance the aesthetic? Another idea is a sheepskin rug next to your bed – perfect to sink your toes into on chilly mornings!

6. More mid-century modern bedroom ideas to complete the look

One of the fun parts of revamping your bedroom with mid-century modern bedroom ideas (or any room) is adding the finishing accessories. The secret is not to overdo it, but to add elements of interest. Work in candles, wicker baskets, natural photo frames, and a vase or two.

Accent pieces can reflect your personality and will add character to the room.

These ideas work as well in a mid-century modern small bedroom as in a master bedroom. If you’re not sure how everything will fit, a room planner could help you design the room and show you how everything will fit. There are no rules – this look is all about mixing styles and shades to create a look you love.

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