Choose a minimalist living room for the streamlined look

white minimalist living room with a modern painting and a marble coffee table
If you’re planning a living room makeover and want to transform the space with the minimalist style, then this article is for you! We’ll give you some stylish ideas to create a minimalist living room that shouts elegance.

The key to minimalist living room design is to make the room look as though it’s been effortlessly put together. Yet it should still project a strong sense of style and be an eye-catching, welcoming space. The kitchen isn´t the only room that’s the heart of the home.

How to use minimalist living room ideas to create an inviting space?

The minimalism trend is popular as we try to simplify our lives. This translates to a clutter-free living room that’s both stunning and a room you want to spend time in. 

Influenced by the simplicity of Scandinavian interior design, the living room designed in the minimalistic style reflects a cool, calming interior that’s a place to relax and unwind.

Start with a tidy living area. Keep the TV remote, toys, coffee cups, and any other paraphernalia off the coffee table or floor. A single interesting book, a stunning vase of fresh flowers, or an impressive sculpture will have an impact and add a hint of personality.

Plain colors with color blocks to add interest work as a neutral background for minimalist spaces. 

Simple furniture and decor can enhance minimalist living room ideas. Try an L-shaped couch, a glass or marble coffee table, and a simple, large piece of chic wall art to steal the show. 

Lighting is also an integral part of the minimalistic living room. The simplicity of the space allows you the option to integrate a dramatic, modern light, such as a chandelier or crystal pendant.

Brown and creme minimalist living room with a big painting and chimney

Creme and brown minimalist living room.

Minimalist living room decor meets the natural look

Keep things simple in minimalist rooms by letting in plenty of natural light to create a link with nature. 

Use a large, sculptured plant as a focal point in a corner to liven up the living space and add a touch of greenery – orchids are perfect for the minimalist living room decor look. If the room benefits from fantastic views of the open countryside or the ocean, make this a feature and forget window dressings.

A neutral color scheme in gray or cream will create a simple background that you can complement with fabrics, throw pillows, and simple rugs. If you’re not sure which tone of white, blue, or gray will work then try out your interior design ideas using the App. You can play with color until you achieve the exact shade you’re searching for.

white minimalist living room with a modern table and a marble coffee table

White minimalist living room.

Minimalist living room design that’s max on space

The minimalist style works especially well if you’re designing a small space. Choose a soft color and a monochrome palette to make the room seem larger. Keep the room chic with simple, plain furniture and the odd pop of color.

A high ceiling can make a living room feel more spacious. If you’re carrying out a remodel check if the room has a false ceiling. Could this be removed to make the room lighter and brighter?

Mirrors work well to reflect natural light and a large mirror on one wall can create an impressive statement and act as a focal point.

A white-walled living room will also make a space feel bigger. Contrast the crisp white with a dark side table or sofa to add depth to the look.  

The key to successful minimalist living room design is to keep things to a minimum whilst creating an interesting space that draws you in. Think simple and interesting and create a beautiful space to live in.

white minimalist living room with a modern painting and a marble coffee table

White minimalist living room.

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