How to plan your bathroom remodel?

  • Plan the layout of any bathroom

  • Select and visualize fixtures and fittings

  • Share 4K images of the new bathroom

At first, the bathroom does not seem to be the easiest room to arrange. But that’s without the help of an intuitive 3D solution! We unroll the Does for a Marie Kondō-worthy bathroom.

1 – Following the plan of the bathroom, you will

A new bathtub, a storage unit in the back of the room… But how do you know if it will be possible? It’s no surprise, but in order for your project to succeed, it’s essential to reproduce the original room plans to the letter.

Fortunately, HomeByMe makes this crucial step easy by offering several ways to design a bathroom (either by drawing from scratch or by inserting the pre-defined shape of the room).

All you have to do is take the measurements of your bathroom carefully, and then enter them into the planner afterwards! If you have drawn a plan on paper, upload it directly into your project, you can then draw directly over it.

Finally, don’t forget those details that can quickly compromise your bathroom renovations, which are often what complicates and hinders our enthusiasm: plumbing and electrical installations. Water supply for the shower or washing machine, toilet location and hair dryer outlets are all factors that go into designing a new bathroom.

2 – The challenge of planning a bathroom remodel: combining functionality with style

There are two main reasons for thinking carefully about planning a bathroom remodel, and especially the bathroom storage.

Firstly, this room is often cramped and used by several people in the household, which reduces the possibilities of storing everyone’s belongings in an ideal way.

Thanks to a 3D tool, you can test different furniture and especially their positioning. Start by selecting the main water installations: the ideal bathtub, the shower area or the sink that corresponds to the style you have in mind. To do this, go to the “Bathroom” category of the “Furnishings” tab, where you will find our large catalog of :

  • Sinks and faucets
  • Bathtub and showers
  • Toilets
  • Washing machine and dryer
  • Towel racks and towel dryers

Between our wide selection of products of famous brands, as well as our proposals of generic elements, no doubt that there will be what you are looking for. Once you have defined the main installations, you will see more clearly the possibilities offered by the remaining space, and this is where the hardest part begins.

Nowadays, ergonomics is a fundamental point and furniture is often designed with this in mind: fairly high and shallow, with doors without handles. It is now easy to furnish small bathrooms.

Closed storage units are preferred to hide personal objects and beauty products that can give a messy effect. Let’s not forget that – no matter what decorating style you choose – this room must convey a relaxing atmosphere. This is achieved by paying attention to order: a clear and orderly space makes you feel good.

3D first-person view of the bathroom

3 – A peaceful and timeless bathroom design

Next, study the decorative aspect of the room. Which paint? Which coating? Click on the “Decorate” category of the “Products” tab to discover the entire catalog.

Be careful with the choice of colors! As trends are constantly evolving, you must know how to play between tones that you will never tire of, that will never go out of style, while proposing a style that is not too classic. The luminosity, as well as the materials of the furniture will help you to choose the adequate colors.

Closed furniture, shelf, bench… Evaluate the possibilities and then go to the “Furnish” section to browse the catalog of mirrors, storage or accessories.

If you have a style or color theme in mind, you can filter the catalog by:

  • Brand
  • Color
  • Material
  • Room
  • Style
  • Type of furniture

As you can see, HomeByMe allows you to give free rein to your creativity, without technical constraints or research time. However, we all sometimes run out of ideas. For every problem, we have a solution!

Go to the Inspiration page, which compiles our community’s renderings. Filter the pieces, styles and colors that suit you and then get inspired by the creations of our talented users!

4 – Admire, share and convince with highly realistic images

Once you’ve finished your project (or projects if you’ve decided to make several proposals), it’s time to see what it could look like in real life. Click on the “Photo” tab, then “Realistic Image” and discover the power of HomeByMe technology!

Choose the angle that suits you best, then take a picture of the interior. Two formats are available, HD or 4K, wait a few minutes, then you will receive the image by email. As real as life!

This will help you visualize your ideas clearly and share them with anyone you want.

Need a panorama? Easily take a 360° tour from any corner of the room.

Top 3D view of the site

Using 3D to design a bathroom:


1 Aesthetics do not exclude practicality: the importance of a well thought-out layout

First things first, draw or fill in the dimensions of the bathroom.

Then add the electrical installations and the piping: you will be sure that your project takes into account all the constraints of the room.

Then, all you have to do is test the bathtubs, basins and other bathroom furniture available in our large catalog. Brand name or generic, you will be spoilt for choice!

Try several models and layouts to get the best possible result.

Remember: style should not take precedence over practicality, as the bathroom is a room that requires a lot of storage and is often not very spacious!


2 Less is more: a refined decor for a haven of relaxation

Decoration and furniture go together, but the choice of colors and decorative objects is still a hard job.

Browse our catalog of all kinds of products, but remember not to overload this room, which should be minimalist to promote relaxation.

Also, choose the best possible covering in our specially dedicated section.


3 Too much color hurts the eyes!

Since color trends are constantly changing, you should choose tones that you will never tire of.

A bathroom cannot be renovated every year, so it’s best to go for timeless!

Taking into account the size and brightness of your room, choose colors that will brighten up the room and offer a sense of space.

Bathroom Style Examples

Contemporary bathroom

Take inspiration from the latest trends when remodelling your bathroom. Consider brass or gold accents or uniquely shaped tiles in natural stones, such as marble.

Bathroom floor plan - bathroom with bathtub

Wooden bathroom

Want a warm atmosphere for this project? Why not create a rustic style bathroom, using wood without being too kitsch. Well done, it can even have a Scandinavian sauna feel.

Bathroom floor plan

Victorian bathroom

Victorian is back in fashion, so why not try a bathroom in this style? Of course, you still need to bring in a modern touch, to avoid the tacky decorating that can quickly appear when embarking on vintage style decorating projects.

But since you can test your design endlessly on HomeByMe, it’s hard to miss your project!

Victorian bathroom floor plan

If you’re having trouble getting started, you can find ideas for your site plan in our Inspiration page. Visit industrial-style lofts, farmhouse kitchens, minimalistic scandinavian living rooms, vibrant bohemian bedrooms, and sleek, modern bathrooms to help get your ideas flowing.

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How to plan your bathroom remodel?
  • Plan the layout of any bathroom

  • Select and visualize fixtures and fittings

  • Share 4K images of the new bathroom

Plan your bathroom remodel today!

Get started and create your own 3D floor plan in no time! Then share the HD images of your project with friends, family or professionals.