How to design a bathroom remodel?

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  • Design a bathroom to fit any lifestyle

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Practicality does not exclude aesthetics! We tell you about the benefits of 3D for a simple bathroom decoration.

We may think that decorating a bathroom will be an easy task, but taking the decoration of small rooms lightly is a mistake! In order to make things clearer, we’re going to give you some advice to take into account to optimize these interior design projects, all with the help of a 3D tool.

Regardless of the size or specifications of the floor plan, these contemporary and elegant bathroom ideas have been inspired by professional interior designers to get you on the right track.

Decorate a small bathroom: best practices

Take advantage of the simple characteristics of small spaces to optimize the bathroom. First of all, you’ll need to be smart about how you use lighting to make the room look bigger. So choose fixtures that spark visual interest and that will highlight and reflect key elements.

Lighting, yes, but how? Be careful with the choice of wall covering: for example, choose a subway tile, which is quite trendy and perfectly suited to a small bathroom. Its white tones will illuminate the space, reflecting the light, while the small size of the tiles will be proportional to the room.

Then comes the thought around the furniture layout: play with the trends, think about floating storage options. These types of furniture, beyond being very aesthetic, have several advantages: it gives a sense of space and also allows for easier cleaning, not negligible in a bathroom.

Italian shower plan

Decorate a bathroom properly: the devil is in the details

We don’t think much about it, but it is an essential element of a bathroom: the faucets. Which style would be the most suitable? Brass, silver, gold… Modern, Victorian or contemporary: there are different types of faucets and showerheads that can really have an impact on the room’s decoration.

First, take the time to define the needs of the people who will use the room. Decorate a bathroom, yes. But always take into account the uses and daily well-being! For example, some people will prefer mixer taps rather than dual inlet taps… In this case, goodbye to the vintage style.

More than anywhere else, needs dictate decoration. If it is a bathroom for a couple, you will have to think about a double basin system.

Finally, think about accentuating the curves: round backlit mirrors, curved furniture … In order to contrast with the rectilinear aspect of the wall tiles. Scatter purely decorative elements, such as artworks and plants, taking care not to overload the room. This will add an intimate and peaceful feel to the bathroom.

How to decorate a bathroom with ease:


1 Create a 3D plan of the room

Whether it is drawn wall by wall, or by selecting a pre-defined room shape, create the bathroom with the right measurements.

This will ensure the feasibility of all your layouts and decoration proposals.

Remember to add the plumbing and electrical installations, in order to take into account all possible constraints.


2 Furnish the bathroom

Whether you want to insert existing furniture or select new furniture, anything is possible!

Browse the catalog of major brands or select generic furniture to resemble the existing.

In the planner, you will have the choice to add all types of products, go to the “Furnishings” section of the “Products” tab:

Sinks and faucets
Bathtubs and showers
Towel racks and towel dryers
Washing machines and dryers


3 Select the best coatings

Head to the “Decorate” section to find all the coatings you need to decorate the room from floor to ceiling.

Add the perfect paint, or go for a bolder coating for the wall, you will have the choice with several types:

Concrete & Brick
Natural stone

For the floor, we will prefer tiles.


4 Finalize the bathroom decoration

Still in the “Decorate” section, select the decorative accessories you want to add.

Don’t skimp on plants, they always add a relaxing aspect to the room.

Return to the “Furnish” section to find a wide selection of mirrors, storage and accessories of all kinds.

The bathtub: a place too often neglected?

Whether it is a simple bathtub or a spa, what a luxury to have a bathtub! Quite imposing, the bathtub often takes up a lot of space and we tend to see it as a practical element and to decorate the furniture around it. Wrong! The bathtub is as much to highlight as it can embellish the room.

Several good practices: arrange soaps, shower gels and other shampoos in an organized manner. If it is a project for a future sale, do not hesitate to buy a range with aesthetic containers, for a guaranteed luxury hotel effect.

If the size of the bathtub allows it, don’t hesitate to add decorative candles (which can be used during baths, of course) and even a bouquet of dried flowers on a corner away from the water. Finally, don’t hesitate to add items that would remind you of a spa, such as a horsehair glove or a sea sponge.

You can find all these items in the planner. Thanks to the 4k renderings that can easily be done with the Photo Studio technology, you will be able to see the final result before you propose this project to your clients or start shopping!

So, what are you waiting for?

Bathtub with pink wall tiles

Adding a free-standing bath

The bathtub is making a comeback in the modern bathroom. A symbol of luxury and relaxation, the freestanding bathtub is a great addition to your bathroom, if you have the space.

The freestanding bathtubs of recent years are generously sized with curved edges to ensure you can comfortably soak, all the way up to your neck. Consider adding a freestanding bath as the centrepiece of your bathroom.

Victorian bathroom plan

If you’re having trouble getting started, you can find ideas for your site plan in our Inspiration page. Visit industrial-style lofts, farmhouse kitchens, minimalistic scandinavian living rooms, vibrant bohemian bedrooms, and sleek, modern bathrooms to help get your ideas flowing.

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Design a bathroom remodel
  • Design a bathroom to fit any lifestyle

  • Make high quality renderings to showcase your ideas

  • All infos in one spot to share: plans, furniture, renderings

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