2 Bedroom Apartment Floor Plans: Examples

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Redefine apartment living with a spacious and luxurious design that aligns with your needs. With online digital floor planners, you can switch up your layout and try different furnishings in a 3D format to create a space that feels like home.

2 bedroom apartments provide a reasonable amount of room for single adults, couples, or roommates to live comfortably. Though the size of the space will dictate much of what you can or cannot do with your layout, sometimes all you need is a visual aid to help you understand how to make it most efficient.

In this post, we demonstrate how you can manipulate your space and test out numerous layouts with an online, digital floor planner.

From a bird’s eye 2D view to a furnished 3D replica, you can use this advanced, user-friendly software to create 2 bedroom apartment floor plans down to the minute details – including where to place your couch or coffee table. Learn all about these planners below and how you can use them to figure out the best design for your new apartment.

How to Design Your Modern 2 Bedroom Apartment Floor Plans in 3D

When you think of a typical modern apartment, symmetry, clean lines, and a dominant neutral palette likely come to mind. If you’re aiming to create modern 2 bedroom apartment floor plans, here’s how you can assemble your dream design in 2D and 3D with a digital floor planner.

Double room for a 2 bedroom apartment
Project of a 2 bedroom apartment

Make Your 2 Bedroom Apartment Plans in 3 steps


1 Draw the Outline of the Apartment

Before designing your apartment in 3D, you first need to create an outline of it in 2D.

Each wall, window, and doorway, including the balcony entrance and other architectural elements should be included.

Measure the entire circumference from wall to wall, including stationery items that are fixed in place, like the appliances.

With measurements ready, use the digital drawing tools to connect all the components that form the outline of the apartment.

Enter the correct measurements that correspond to every section you add. Double check the sizing and dimensions.

Once you’re done, you will have a 2D version of your apartment that can be converted and designed in 3D. 


2 Design Your Apartment Floor Plan in 3D

The next step is all about selecting the details, like the type of furniture, light fixtures, and paint colors that you want to include in your design.

Digital floor planners offer countless items for you to use within your 3D model apartment. So let your imagination run wild. Use the catalog of materials and products to experiment with numerous design schemes.

Explore diverse seating options for the living area, or how to arrange a home office in the second bedroom.

Want to make it truly modern? Filter your search options to locate products categorized for that particular style.

With so many possibilities available, you can be adventurous with your ideas until you find a look that aligns with your vision.


3 Take a Virtual Walkthrough

When you feel like you’ve captured a design that reflects your personality and style, take a virtual walkthrough with your digital floor planner.

By changing your viewpoint, you can enter your apartment to analyze it further. This is a convenient way to gain a lifelike view of the spacing and general flow of your setup.

If you need to modify anything, you can do so instantly and view the changes in real-time.

Love what you see? Get HD images printed or save and share your design before moving forward with it.

Example of a bedroom for an apartement

Apartment Floor Plans 2 Bedroom 1 Bath: Closed-Concept

Not a fan of open-concept layouts? Closed-concept apartment floor plans 2 bedroom 1 bath, could be ideal for you. With a galley-style kitchen set at the back corner of the apartment, an enclosed wall can serve as a partition for the living room area.

A large sectional sofa can be placed along the opposite side of the kitchen wall, complete with an entertainment unit along the front-facing portion of the apartment. A corner nook of the living room can offer just enough space to fit a cozy dining area.

With a bathroom located in the center of the layout, you can have convenient access from the master bedroom set towards the rear end. A smaller secondary bedroom can be placed near the front-facing wall, large enough to fit a twin bed or a home office.

Living room for a 2 bedroom apartment

Apartment Floor Plan 2 Bedroom 2 Bath: Open-Concept

If you’re going to be sharing your space with another family member or roommate, this apartment floor plan 2 bedroom 2 bath, will provide ample privacy. The common areas – dining, kitchen, and living room – are immediately situated as you walk into the apartment, featuring an L-Shape, open-concept design.

To the right of the entranceway is a full bathroom, with the first bedroom situated on the adjacent wall. A second adjoining bathroom and bedroom are placed on the opposite side of the kitchen, along the rear end of the apartment. This provides lots of room in between to make your family or guests feel comfortable in their own space.

Can’t decide how to layout your 2 bedroom apartment floor plans? Try the HomeByMe floor planner to manipulate your layout in a three-dimensional setting.

Test out different setups and furnishings by adding and repositioning items until you develop a design that aligns with your lifestyle. It’s a fun and authentic way to plan your home for your needs before you jump into remodeling.

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