Living room decor ideas

Find inspiration from living room images to start your project.
The living room. A convivial place by essence, it offers infinite decorative potential. Whether it is dedicated to receptions, moments with friends and family, it is the room in which we spend the most time. If it can be monopolized by entertainment, it is also a place of relaxation and sharing.

As a hybrid place, it is often the centerpiece of a home and has a trans-generational character: both young and old find themselves in this place. By browsing through this page, you can find the best living room decoration ideas.

As a centerpiece, the living room deco is often the very expression of the style of the house. From contemporary to vintage, from cocooning to design, from Scandinavian minimalism to rococo, the living room has always been a place of exhibition. A colorful wall will bring its character to this room and a mix of textures will give it its originality. Plants, flowers and other decorative objects will have all their place in this sharing space conducive to relaxation and entertainment.

Our thread of inspiration is full of living room decoration ideas that will help you design your living room.

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