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Living room in farmhouse style
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Discover how to devise a modern farmhouse design using impressive 3D imagery. With easy and intuitive features, powerful 3D floor planners can meet all of your professional and home design needs.

The modern farmhouse style is widely coveted, based on a welcoming vibe that feels like home. Most common in rural settings, a farmhouse is typically known for being simple and elegant, featuring a generously sized lot, a wrap-around porch, wooden accents, and comfortable furnishings.

Despite the homestead roots, modern variations are emerging that blend casual and rustic elements with trendy amenities for a refreshed take that’s downright stylish. Planning to coordinate modern farmhouse floor plans?

With a 3D interior design planner, you can arrange and illustrate a comprehensive design. Realistic 3D imagery, products, and materials give you the means to create an in-depth plan from floor to ceiling.

Select furniture, color schemes, kitchen counters, tiling, and more to produce a scheme that’s comfortable, practical, and tailored for your clients or your family. Here’s how to design a modern farmhouse using intuitive 3D floor planners.

How to Draw Farmhouse Floor Plans in 2D and 3D

To compose designs with easy-to-use software, follow these simple steps below that show you how to start creating professional 2D and 3D farmhouse floor plans.

Image of a living room in farmhouse style

Design your own Farmhouse Plans in 3 steps


1 Assemble a 2D Blueprint

A 2D blueprint that shows the entire scope of the property, can be made in the planner by uploading an existing one.

You can also create one manually. Use the digital tools available to show the location of each wall, doorway, and window, and to input the measurements.

Move walls around to connect or reposition segments and ensure that every element is a true reflection of the house.

Once complete, you’ll have a precise bird’s eye overview that marks the position of each part of the structure, with the corresponding measurements included.


2 Choose Features to Create a Design

To design the space, navigate to the online library. It contains a vast range of products and materials.

Find what you need and click to drag it into place. Search for high-end fixtures, modern appliances, window treatments, hardwood flooring, and much more.

Scope out specific farmhouse décor and features by filtering the search options.

This can be used to locate any other style, including modern and contemporary.

Change furnishings, colors, or finishes all with a simple click. Then save and review your plans at any point to keep tabs on the features used and their pricing.


3 Take a Virtual Tour, Save, and Print

Showcase your design with high-res, 3D images. For a fun, professional, and interactive view, explore the design with panoramic 360° views.

Move around and see how each room appears from a realistic lens.

This is an ideal way to share your concept and ideas with others since they can also engage with the virtual rendering and observe the design from every angle.

Get high-resolution prints of the floor plan as well to refer to when initiating the project.

Farmhouse Living room in neutral tons

Open Floor Plan Modern Farmhouse Layouts

Find examples of open floor plan modern farmhouse layouts below to spark your ideas and design scheme.

1 Story: 3 Bed, 2.5 Bath

With approximately 2400 square feet to play with, a layout with 3 beds and 2.5 baths is an ideal choice for small families or couples. Upon entering, a foyer leads into a bright and spacious open-concept floor plan. It features a sprawling great room as you walk forward, with glass doors leading to the rear porch.

It also houses a gorgeous semi-open kitchen and formal dining area. A bonus room is placed off of the kitchen, close to the rear porch, ideal for a reading nook or home office. Two secondary bedrooms are on the right side of the home in opposite corners, with a bathroom conveniently in between and accessible from the main area.

The left side is reserved for a guest powder room, laundry room, and large primary bedroom. The large master bath is attached to the primary bedroom, which contains a luxurious, freestanding tub and separate vanities.

2 Story: 4 Bed, 3.5 Bath

On a similar sized lot, a second story can create a charming and sizeable home for a larger family. For a modern take on classic cottage farmhouse design, this is another wide open layout, featuring a gourmet kitchen and a cozy living room located at the right rear side of the property.

A home office, master bedroom, and main bath are all placed on the left side of the home. Meanwhile, the second floor boasts a modern loft, ideal for lounging or hosting social gatherings. The remaining bedrooms are dispersed on the second floor, with two in the rear corners and the third situated in the front portion of the home.

1.5 Stories: 3 Bed, 2 Baths with Bonus Rooms

For a smaller lot that’s under 1500 square feet, this example layout is comprised of an open, split design with two bonus rooms. The primary bedroom is nestled in the back wing for extra privacy.

Two secondary bedrooms are split on one side of the property with a bathroom nearby. The dining room, living room, and kitchen make up the center of the home, with a utility and mudroom close to the main entrance. Split between the bedrooms and main living area is a staircase that leads to two bonus rooms which can be used for a variety of purposes.

Example of farmhouse floor plans designed with HomeByMe
Project of a kitchen in Farmhouse style

Modern Farmhouse Floor Plans: What to Focus on

Modern farmhouse floor plans can offer a delightfully fresh take on both modern and rural-style living. But how do you tastefully blend both without overdoing it? Discover a few core ingredients for mastering this transitional style.

Integrate Rustic Texture with Reclaimed Wood

Whether it’s on the ceiling, floors, or as exposed wooden beams, add some form of wooden accents to convey that rustic charm we love in farmhouse designs. Using a large, rectangular kitchen table and mid-century style chairs are excellent ways to heighten the texture, character, and warmth within the home as well.

Add Contrast

High contrast, particularly with black and white, is a staple element found in many modern farmhouse designs. Crisp, white walls or subway-tiled backsplash with dark cabinetry are prime examples of how to successfully merge a clean and classic look using the eye-catching quality of contrast. It’s an unequivocal combination that’s elegant, modern, and timeless.

Choose a Large Oven and Stove Hood

As a focal point in the kitchen, an oversized or duo oven with a modern aesthetic will work beautifully in a farmhouse theme. Whether you choose a contrasting tone or a flush, monochrome color, go for a sizeable design. This is one of the most notable features found in classic farmhouses, so it’s worth splurging on.

Transitional designs that integrate two different themes together can be more challenging than most to get right. All the more reason to utilize 3D technology, like HomeByMe’s interior design floor planner.

It provides you with access to all the resources and products to develop a detailed, high-quality floor plan with a fully furnished design. Try it for free today and discover why thousands of experts and homeowners are using it to plan professional and home-based projects.

Draw the Best Modern Farmhouse Plans

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  • Make a farmhouse decoration in 3D

  • Watch it in virtual and show it in 4K

  • Be sure your project is perfect before starting the work

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