Functional and stylish minimalist kitchen design

A minimalist kitchen is sophisticated and sleek. It’s tidy and organized and everything has a place. Minimalist kitchen design is all about using your interior design skills to create a kitchen that works, is pleasant to cook in, and reflects your character.

Opt for a modern minimalist kitchen and simplify your life

There’s nothing worse than a messy, cluttered kitchen. It can make you feel out of control and stressed – how are you ever going to face that washing up? A modern minimalist kitchen keeps everything under control and looks great too. Think clean lines, a clear kitchen island as a focal point, and pendant lights to add atmosphere.

Choose simple neutral colors in a modern kitchen and natural materials like marble, wood, and rattan. A white subway tile backsplash keeps things looking clean and fresh and will make a small kitchen look bigger.

To create the minimalist kitchen vibe, choose plain cabinets painted in a monochrome color. Add gold or silver handles and faucets for a touch of class and to add an accent to the room. 

Clever minimalist design pulls the kitchen together and makes it look inviting, not stark and cold. A statement vase or bowl on the countertop or modern pendant lights can bring the space to life.

How do I use minimalist kitchen ideas to give the room personality?

The secret is to add stylish accessories and a pop of color to enhance the ambiance of your kitchen whilst keeping things simple. 

Catch the eye with a stunning vase of flowers on a dining table (the chance to use your floral design skills!), make a piece of wall art or photograph the star of the show or put a lamp in a corner. Spectacular kitchen design takes things to the extreme without being fussy. It uses focal pieces to make a statement and anchor the space.

And remember to keep unsightly essentials, like trash bins and cleaning products out of sight when planning your minimalist kitchen ideas.

Blue Minimalist kitchen with wooden furniture and a white wall

Blue minimalist kitchen.

Can I use patterns in a modern minimalist kitchen?

Simple, striking patterns work well in a modern minimalist kitchen and can give much-needed color and texture to a white kitchen

A row of patterned tiles, a patterned wall hanging, or a pretty wall plate can add interest and serve as eye-catching kitchen features to lift the space. Another idea is a simple patterned rug on a plain wood floor for warmth.

Other design ideas to bring a plain minimalist kitchen to life are a whole wall of a bold feature tile with a geometric pattern, colored shades as a decorative accent, or patterned fabrics on bar stools. Patterns can add drama to an otherwise plain kitchen, just be careful not to overdo them.

If you want to try out some of your ideas for minimalist interiors with patterns give the HomeByMe app a try. You can experiment with designs, colors, and patterns before you make the final choices.

White Minimalist kitchen with wooden furniture and a grey wall

White minimalist kitchen.

Have you tried an open-plan modern minimalist kitchen design?

With a trend towards open plan living, minimalist interior designers have to work a room to get the most out of every inch of space.

An open-plan kitchen, leading to the living room is the perfect background for the modern minimalist look. It should be stylish and mess-free. This means no utensils or pots left on the counter – everything should be put away to create a sense of one room flowing seamlessly to the next. 

Cabinets without handles and silent-closing doors and drawers are popular in modern minimalist kitchen design and can make a difference to the smooth, chic statement.

And finally, choose quality appliances that look new and will last for years to come. 

Creme Minimalist kitchen with wooden furniture, an open kitchen and a white sofa

Creme and brown minimalist open kitchen.

Keep the minimalist kitchen practical and basic. It doesn´t have to be completely empty, but only functional appliances and a couple of decor accessories should be on display. Enhance the minimal look with smooth, clear surfaces and luxurious finishes to create a feeling of order.

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